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Dialogue Earth is an independent non-profit dedicated to producing exceptional environmental journalism and informed conversations on urgent climate and sustainability topics. Our unique model brings local voices to global audiences and global stories of hope, action and change to local communities. We are committed to accurately portraying China’s development impacts across the Global South through geopolitically even-handed reporting and constructive dialogue. Our approach is rooted in a network of specialist country editors located across South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America, and delivered through reporting in eight languages, workshops, and media partnerships. We seek to bring light, rather than heat, to crucial debates, and solutions to bear on complex problems.

Shipping Industry May Create the Very First Global Carbon Levy

Published Jun 2, 2024 6:20 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Government

  [By Ned Molloy] At a March meeting of the UN International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London, a majority&nbs...

Bird Flu is Now a Major Threat to Marine Life

Published May 22, 2024 10:30 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Environment

  [By Fermín Koop]  A deadly strain of avian influenza is spreading across the global ocean. Scientist...

Greek Ban on Bottom Trawling Stirs Controversy

Published May 5, 2024 12:41 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Government

  [By Catherine Early] Bottom trawling has long attracted controversy over its environmental impact. As long ago as the...

Saving Whales, One Rope at a Time

Published Apr 28, 2024 7:18 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Environment

    [By Daniel Cressey]   In 2004, a humpback whale was spotted entangled in fishing gear in Banderas B...

Locals Complain of Flooding After Construction of China's Gwadar Port

Published Apr 21, 2024 5:55 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Ports

  [By Sajid Aziz]  "It took me three days to take the flood water out of the house,” says Asghar Baloch...

Is China Ready to Put Solar Panels Out at Sea?

Published Apr 18, 2024 6:45 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Tugs & Salvage

  [By You Xiaoying] China is increasingly seeking to put solar panels on the seas off its coastline, with some sta...

Repurposing Harmful Fisheries Subsidies Could Reduce Poverty

Published Apr 14, 2024 1:24 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Government

  [By Louise Teh and Rashid Sumaila] Each year, governments around the world give billions of dollars to their fis...

Uruguay's Navy Looks to Shine a Light on Dark Fishing Fleet

Published Mar 24, 2024 8:17 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Government

  [By Lucía Cuberos] Every day, sailors on fishing vessels around the globe turn off their tracking systems and...

Editorial: "We Have Let History Down" on Fisheries Subsidies

Published Mar 17, 2024 9:49 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Government

  [By Fermin Koop] "Now and again, we are called upon; history calls upon us to actually stand up and rise to the...

Can Marine Protected Areas Be Shielded From Climate Change?

Published Mar 3, 2024 9:41 PM by Dialogue Earth

Posted in: Environment

  [By Regina Lam] A marine protected area (MPA) may sound like a biodiversity haven, safe from the many external stress...

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