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Dryad: International Inaction Breeds Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

By Njiraini Muchira 02-26-2021 09:34:00

The international community is on the spot for slow action against the rising menace of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, which has be...


Nigeria Plans to Add Boats and Aircraft to Combat Piracy

By The Maritime Executive 02-26-2021 05:56:21

Responding to the growing outcry over the increasing security risks for mariners in West Africa and the repeated reports of N...


Indonesian Navy Catches Five Pirates in the Act of Raiding a Barge

By The Maritime Executive 02-23-2021 10:14:00

[Brief] The Indonesian Navy successfully intercepted five pirates in the middle of a theft aboard a barge in the Singapore Strait....


Crew of Boxship Mozart Freed by Pirates Weeks After Brutal Attack

By The Maritime Executive 02-12-2021 12:35:16

The crew of the boxship Mozart who were kidnapped in a brutal attack in the Gulf of Guinea two weeks ago have been freed. Accordin...


Pirate Group Conducts Multiple Attacks in Gulf of Guinea Over 4 Days

By The Maritime Executive 02-09-2021 04:17:48

An alert has been issued for a possible “pirate action group” active in the Gulf of Guinea traveling in a region from...


Pirates Board Product Tanker off Cameroon

By The Maritime Executive 02-07-2021 02:06:00

[Updated] On Saturday night, the product tanker Sea Phantom was boarded by pirates about 115 nm off the coast of Cameroon in the G...


EU and Nigeria Working to Address Issues in the Gulf of Guinea 

By The Maritime Executive 02-01-2021 04:36:44

There has been no letup of incidents in the Gulf of Guinea with new reports of assaults on ships in the region, including another...


ReCAAP Reports Three Attempted Robberies in the Singapore Strait

By The Maritime Executive 01-29-2021 06:17:38

After three attempted robberies in the past few days, ReCAAP ICS is again issuing warnings about incidents occurring on vessels un...


Shipowner Makes Contact With Kidnapped Crew of the Boxship Mozart

By The Maritime Executive 01-28-2021 04:55:00

The 15 crewmembers who were kidnapped from the boxship Mozart last weekend are unharmed, Turkish vessel operator Boden Shipping sa...


One Killed, 15 Abducted in Gulf of Guinea Pirate Attack

By The Maritime Executive 01-24-2021 02:16:00

On Saturday morning, a boxship was reportedly boarded by pirates and its citadel breached at a position off Sao Tome, according to...

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