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HMS Montrose Intercepts Another $11M Worth of Drugs in Gulf of Oman

Published Jan 27, 2022 6:15 PM by The Maritime Executive

For the second time in less than two weeks, the Royal Navy has captured millions of dollars' worth of narcotics from a smuggli...


Opinion: There is Still a Slim Chance to Stop a War With Russia

Published Jan 27, 2022 11:24 AM by The Strategist

[By Peter Jennings] It didn’t have to be this way. Since Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 and the bloody proxy w...


Former 7th Fleet Officer Pleads Guilty to Taking Bribes From GDMA

Published Jan 26, 2022 11:36 PM by The Maritime Executive

Cmdr. Stephen Shedd has become the latest in a string of U.S. Navy officials to plead guilty to federal bribery charges in connect...


Royal Navy Delivers Relief Aid to Tonga

Published Jan 26, 2022 4:15 PM by The Maritime Executive

The Royal Navy patrol ship HMS Spey arrived at Tonga on Wednesday, and her crew have unloaded disaster relief supplies for communi...


Russia's Black Sea Fleet Deploys as Fears of an Invasion Mount

Published Jan 26, 2022 4:13 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Wednesday, Russia's defense ministry reported that more than 20 ships of the Black Sea Fleet have been deployed for an exer...


F-35 Crash Injures Seven Sailors on the Deck of USS Carl Vinson

Published Jan 25, 2022 11:25 PM by The Maritime Executive

The U.S. Navy is investigating a landing mishap in which an F-35 fighter jet crashed on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson in the Sou...


Video: U.S. Navy Unites Five Carriers in Pacific Training Exercise

Published Jan 25, 2022 12:19 PM by The Maritime Executive

The U.S. Navy has underway one of its largest show of strength training exercises uniting two carrier strike groups with more than...


Unmanned Patrol Boats Take Another Step Forward

Published Jan 24, 2022 9:42 PM by The Maritime Executive

Unmanned small craft are filling an increasing number of roles in defense, like force protection, harbor patrol, ISR and minesweep...


U.S. Navy Interdicts Known Smuggling Vessel With 40T of Fertilizer

Published Jan 23, 2022 8:13 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Jan. 18, two vessels from U.S. 5th Fleet intercepted a stateless fishing vessel which had previously been caught smuggling illi...


Indonesia Seeks Local Partners to Offset Beijing in South China Sea

Published Jan 23, 2022 5:11 PM by The Lowy Interpreter

By Huynh Tâm Sáng] Tensions with China over the South China Sea have prompted Indonesia to invite maritime se...

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