Signature Global Network Launches its First-Ever Conference in Vietnam

Kristy Guo

Published Dec 18, 2022 10:51 PM by Signature Global Network

Signature Global Network, the unique global logistics networking company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, is planning its inaugural Global Logistics Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from February 3-5, 2023.

You can find all the details here about SGNC-Signature Global Network's Global Conference.

In addition to SGN’s own members, there are already more than one hundred companies showing interest to come, and SGN is expecting a quality small-scale event with up to 100 attendees. The key is to create a great business and relationship-building outcome.

Take a quick peek at the proposed conference agenda.

Why need to consider attending SGNC compared to the other conferences?

  • Quality ahead of quantity.
  • SGN's focus is its members' experience and business results.
  • We have some VIP members and decision-makers coming.
  • We have people who don't appear at the other networks' conferences.
  • We have arranged a great plan for you to work efficiently and enjoy yourself at the same time.
  • Plenty of branding opportunities.

Register for this event here.

What is Signature Global Network?

“I dream, I believe, and then I can” is a motto that Kristy Guo (Cuilan) lives by. About nine years ago, Kristy had a dream to run her own global network. She believed in it and made it come true by founding Signature Global Network PTY LTD in December of 2021. The business was officially launched by the end of January 2022.

An independent network, Signature Global Network (SGN) focuses on the principles of quality, trust, relationship-building, and mutual synergies. As its President, CEO, and Director¸ Kristy is striving to make the company the logistics “superheroes” HQ. She is ensuring that it becomes the “first one” that customers or logistics companies think of and turn to get help.

Kristy sees challenges as the best things in the world. “The biggest challenge to everyone is ‘fear’,” Kristy says. “We fear failure, fear of lacking; fear of losing our place; fear of feeling insignificant, and so forth.”

It was the same in starting SGN in 2021. As it was still the pandemic period, the fear of the unknown, uncertainties, and doubts were everywhere. “It’s challenging to start a business from nothing to something. But I am so glad that I did,” Kristy says.

SGN’s independent network has global coverage. It aims to bring knowledgeable people and logistics companies together to help save clients’ supply chains, change purely commercial relationships into ones that are people-caring, and deliver win-win outcomes. And everything is related to business and networking.

When Kristy started conversations with logistics business owners, she found that many of them were disappointed with their previous experiences. They were not satisfied with the outcome and efforts. “Nobody is perfect, and no network is perfect, but I know the network could do more and do better,” Kristy says. “Our mission is not just lifting people and making the world a better place, but also bringing back the trust and hope of global networking.”

SGN already has more than 80 member offices in its network, and every month, new members join. Kristy points out that some companies that are no longer joining any other networks decided to be part of SGN.

At SGN, people and their voices are valued. The company does not want to build purely commercial relationships that are focused on money; instead, it is focused on developing true friendships by exchanging values.

Kristy notes that the logistics industry had a massive change in the last few years. It had the best time in history for income, but it also had the most dramatic drop in demand in the shortest time. It was the first time the government tried to press down freight in the last decades. “However, the most significant part overlooked is the pressure on people’s shoulders,” Kristy says.

Logistics people are people too. “Imagine you are the logistics business owners or the employees,” Kristy points out. “How many seasons do you have to experience in such a short time?” There was a significant loss in staff as the job was too stressful but not very much appreciated by people or society.

SGN’s core values are Quality, Trust, Relationships Built, and Mutual Synergies. In a short time, SGN has gained more audiences and supporters than ever, which is an “excellent start” to fulfilling its mission. SGN has also produced podcasts, videos, and meaningful events to lift people up.

SGN’s social media channels:

LinkedIn: Signature Global Network | LinkedIn

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Instagram: Signature Global Logistics Network (@signatureglobalnetwork)  

Twitter: Signature Global Network (@Signaturegln) / Twitter

Spotify/Anchor: SGN • A podcast on Anchor

About Kristy Guo

Kristy Guo (Cuilan), the Founder/President/Owner of Signature Global Network PTY, is an award-winning Chinese-born Australian with 19 years of working and leadership experience. She is also an influencer, speaker, and coauthor of the Amazon top-selling book ‘Changemakers.’ Kristy is a very enthusiastic and significant female leader, well-known for her passion, positivity, and unique personality.

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