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New Software Helps Vessel Operators Dial in the CII of Their Choice

Published Mar 23, 2023 7:28 PM by The Maritime Executive

Ship CII ratings have a direct impact on vessel value, according to recent brokerage data, and on earnings as well. Shipowners hav...


Finland Releases Bulker with Fertilizer Linked to Sanctioned Oligarch

Published Mar 23, 2023 5:46 PM by The Maritime Executive

Finnish officials relented yesterday and granted an export permit after detaining a Cyprus-flagged bulker while they sought to det...


Abandoned Crew Heads Home After Chinese Livestock Carrier is Sold

Published Mar 22, 2023 7:25 PM by The Maritime Executive

The last 16 members of the crew abandon six months ago aboard a Chinese-owned livestock carrier finally left the ship today headin...


Longtime Oldendorff CEO Peter Twiss Retires After Record-Setting Year

Published Mar 21, 2023 10:40 PM by The Maritime Executive

German dry bulk specialist Oldendorff has replaced its CEO of 20 years, Peter Twiss, effective today. Twiss has decided to retire,...


Flag Administrators Denounce ITF’s Targeted Inspection Campaign

Published Mar 21, 2023 6:59 PM by The Maritime Executive

Days after the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) announced it was launching a target inspection program in t...


Maersk Unveils Pioneering First Methanol-Fueled Container Feeder

Published Mar 21, 2023 3:38 PM by The Maritime Executive

Maersk unveiled the designs for its pioneering methanol dual-fuel container feeder in social media posts today. The shipping giant...


New AXSMarine Tool Helps Users Visualize CO2 Emissions and CII

Published Mar 21, 2023 10:24 AM by AXSMarine

AXSMarine, a pioneer and market leader in the provision of advanced solutions for shipping professionals, continues its mission to...


Hybrid Ferries with Batteries/Solar Power to be Deployed in Hong Kong

Published Mar 20, 2023 5:56 PM by The Maritime Executive

Efforts are proceeding for the launch of two hybrid ferries that will be equipped with battery power units and solar power technol...


Study: Russia Circumvents G7 Oil Price Cap With Help From EU Firms

Published Mar 20, 2023 4:13 PM by The Maritime Executive

Watchdog organization Global Witness has completed a review of Russian oil exports in the Far East, and it has confirmed that...


Samskip to Build Zero Emission Autonomous Feeder Ships at Cochin

Published Mar 20, 2023 3:23 PM by The Maritime Executive

India’s Cochin Shipyard received the contract to build what is being called the world’s first zero-emission feeder con...

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