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LNG and the Road to Net Zero

Published May 22, 2022 2:08 AM by Mark Venables

Driven by an ambitious IMO decarbonization strategy and calls from the European Parliament and European Commission to reduce globa...


Expanding Container Shipping Along the Great Lakes and Seaway

Published May 22, 2022 1:09 AM by Harry Valentine

The rise in fuel prices has prompted renewed interest in expanding container shipping at America’s Great Lakes ports, like D...


1909 Sailing Ship Will Launch Sailcargo’s Operations This Year

Published May 20, 2022 9:09 PM by The Maritime Executive

A start-up that is promoting the use of sailing ships to provide environmentally-friendly logistics purchased a 113-year-old saili...


MOL Plans Bulker Combining Rotors and a Rigid Sail

Published May 20, 2022 8:21 PM by The Maritime Executive

A new bulker expected to launch in 2024 will become the first large merchant vessel to incorporate two of the emerging wind propul...


USCG Works with ITF to Repatriate Crew at Sea for 14 Months 

Published May 20, 2022 7:15 PM by The Maritime Executive

The International Transport Workers’ Federation and U.S. Coast Guard teamed up last week to address the latest example of cr...


Engineer Pleads Guilty to Felonies for Dumping Oil and Lying to USCG

Published May 20, 2022 6:17 PM by The Maritime Executive

The chief engineer of a large commercial bulk carrier pleaded guilty this week in U.S. federal court to two felony counts of delib...


China Delivers First Tanker-Sized Aquaculture Vessel

Published May 20, 2022 4:58 PM by The Maritime Executive

China celebrated the delivery today of the first of a new class of vessels which they report will revolutionize farm-raised fish w...


Finland and Estonia Replace Russian Gas with FSRU Charter

Published May 20, 2022 3:30 PM by The Maritime Executive

Finland working with neighboring Estonia has become the latest countries to charter a floating storage and regasification vessel (...


Record-Holding Racing Trimaran Attacked off Yemen

Published May 19, 2022 9:48 PM by The Maritime Executive

Multiple security services are reporting what may have been an opportunist approach and attempted boarding of a racing sailboat sa...


French Wind-Powered Cargo Ship Refines Design with Rigid Sails

Published May 19, 2022 8:57 PM by The Maritime Executive

A French plan for a wind-powered merchant ship known as the Neoliner reports that it continues to make progress completed critical...

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