Palfinger Introduces New Offshore Passenger Transfer System

Palfinger passenger transfer system
Palfinger is introducing its new Offshore Passenger Transfer System (Palfinger)

Published May 16, 2023 4:43 PM by Palfinger Marine

Palfinger Marine is currently updating their state-of-the-art transportation system for the maritime and offshore industry – the Offshore Passenger Transfer System (OPTS). At Nor-Shipping 2023, Palfinger Marine will showcase a model of this technology for the first time.

The OPTS is a 3D-compensated passenger and cargo transfer system. Designed specifically for marine applications in all kinds of environmental conditions, it compensates on all axes to absorb waves and other motions. It thereby facilitates the safe and efficient transfer of people and cargo between a moving vessel and a static offshore structure such as a wind turbine or drilling platform.

The state-of-the-art system is an excellent tool to service fixed or semi-floating offshore installations or perform decommissioning work offshore. When mounted on small, cost-efficient vessels, the OPTS makes it possible to carry out operations at reduced expense. It can also be installed on service operation vessels (SOV) since the OPTS is equipped with a winch that allows the system to be used as a 3D compensated crane. "With the OPTS, Palfinger demonstrates its innovational strength and position as a provider of complete solutions. The system sets a milestone in the energy transition as it supports, for instance, infrastructure developments in the offshore wind industry or decommissioning activities in the oil and gas sector,” says Gunther Fleck, Vice President Sales & Service Region Marine at Palfinger.

Fixed or flexible equipment

The OPTS comes in two variations – either as a fixed or mobile unit. The mobile version is the same size as a 40-foot container, which makes it easy to transport. It can be mobilized and mounted on different vessels. The mobile OPTS is integrated and mounted on the base frame, so it only needs to be secured on deck. The fixed OPTS is designed for permanent installation on a vessel, meaning the base frame is not required and the hydraulic power unit (HPU) can be placed below deck.

Sverre Mowinckel-Nilsen, Head of Global Marine Sales Solution Management at Palfinger sums it up: “With the updated solution, Palfinger responds to the latest requirements of the offshore industry. The technology constitutes a new standard in terms of accuracy, multi-functionality, and – most importantly – safety for the operators.”



Palfinger at Nor-Shipping

With its innovative OPTS, Palfinger Marine introduces a new approach to transport both personnel and cargo of up to 1,000 kg in a very cost-effective manner. To take on the booming market of offshore transfer systems, the company acquired the system in 2021 and is now intensively working on an updated version with an improved design and enhanced functions. At Nor-Shipping 2023, which will take place in Oslo, Norway, from June 6 to 9, visitors will get an exclusive first glimpse of the new OPTS. The prototype is scheduled to be finished within the first quarter of 2024.

With around 1,000 leading companies in the maritime industry readying to showcase their latest innovations, Nor-Shipping is one of the most important trade fairs for the European shipping market. 

“We can imagine no better place to present our latest innovation, the OPTS, than Nor-Shipping 2023 – the hotspot for global key decision makers in the maritime field. Above all, the trade show is the best place to exchange ideas with our customers and partners. This way, we can provide future-focused concepts and shape the future of the industry together,” adds Mowinckel-Nilsen.

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