Danfoss IXA Unveils MES 1002: Game-Changer Maritime Scrubber Application


Published Mar 5, 2024 3:01 PM by Danfoss

Danfoss IXA proudly introduces the MES 1002, a cutting-edge SO2/CO2 analyzer tailor-made for maritime scrubber applications, announcing a new era of efficiency and compliance in the maritime industry. With its DNV Type Approval Certification and revolutionary service model, the MES 1002 promises to revolutionize exhaust monitoring and compliance standards for maritime operators worldwide.

A Paradigm Shift in Scrubber Applications

Traditional extractive analyzer systems have long troubled maritime operations with complex on- board servicing requirements. However, Danfoss IXA’s MES 1002 offers a game-changing stand- alone solution and ensuring seamless compliance management. This groundbreaking approach not only ensures adherence to regulations but also streamlines maintenance efforts, providing peace of mind to maritime stakeholders.

An Exclusive 2-Year Exchange Program: Reinventing Maintenance

Central to the MES 1002’s appeal is its stability and simplicity, shown by its unique 2-year service program. The program involves exchanging the complete analyzer with a refurbished unit every two years. This streamlined process, managed by the vessel’s crew and taking just one hour, ensures continuous compliance and operational excellence.

Efficiency Redefined: Seamless Compliance Management

With the MES 1002, compliance management is no longer an intimidating task but a seamless journey. The analyzer’s robust design, optimized for long-term stability and ease of maintenance, ensures uninterrupted operation even in the harshest maritime environments. By leveraging UV DOAS (Ultraviolet Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) and infrared DOAS principles for SO2 and CO2 measurements respectively, the MES 1002 eliminates drift and extends calibration intervals to an impressive 24 months.

Discover MES 1002: Book Your Training Now

Danfoss IXA’s MES 1002 sets a new standard in maritime scrubber applications, offering unmatched reliability and compliance. Book your training today and propel your operations to new heights. Visit our website for more information and watch the video: Introduction to MES 1002 CEMS

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