ARES Shipyard Blazed a Trail Once Again in Shipbuilding History

Credit: ARES Shipyard

Published Mar 22, 2020 4:55 PM by ARES Shipyard

Turkey’s record holding shipyard ARES, is running for another one: The Largest Serial Production in Shipbuilding with the 122 fast patrol boats program for the Turkish Ministry of Interior-Coast Guard.

Following the contract commencement, the project is currently close to the end of design validation, with recent accomplishments of model tests in the Critical Design Review phase. Serial production has been planned to start in the second quarter of 2020.

One Boat Every One Week…

Utku Alanc, CEO of ARES Shipyard, stated that “The project represents the largest volume serial production in Turkey’s shipbuilding history, and it will certainly put a significant record in the world’s shipbuilding archives as well. The project is planned to last for five years, and it will involve construction and delivery of 122 ARES 35 FPB boats to meet the needs of the Turkish Coast Guard. The contract allows for additional vessels which may end up being twice as many. We will deliver six boats every two months based on our production program. Thus, one boat will be made ready to launch in only one week… This is something only ARES can achieve!”

ARES 35 FPB, the first of which will be commissioned in 2020, will serve in tasks such as combatting irregular immigration, search and rescue, anti-human trafficking and maritime security missions. To be built according to the Turkish Lloyd’s norms and rules, the boats will carry out operations in all coastal areas of Turkey, from Artvin in the Northeast of Black Sea to Hatay in the Southeast of Mediterranean.

About ARES 35 FPB

The ARES 35 FPB boats will be manufactured using vacuum infusion technology from carbon-reinforced advanced composites. The outline technical characteristics of the boats are as follows:
• Overall Length: 12 meters
• Width: 3.75 meters
• Draft: 0.80 meters
• Main Propulsion System: 2 x Inboard Diesel Engines and Water Jets
• Maximum Speed: 35 knots
• Range: 160 nautical miles

About ARES Shipyard

Having built hundreds of vessels in miscellaneous sizes, ARES Shipyard among its top priorities is willing to meet all the needs of navies, governmental and private institutions with its dynamic, young and ambitious engineering team, customer focused product solutions and distinctive ILS department dedicated to life cycle support of its products and end users. ARES has five production facilities with a total enclosed area of 40,000 m² in Antalya Free Zone, capable of building steel, aluminum and advanced composite vessels up to 90m in length. While it stands ready and able to develop new vessels along with its key partners, the shipyard classifies its offerings into the categories of patrol boats, naval craft, utility and support vessels, passenger and pleasure craft.

Website: www.ares.com.tr Address: Antalya Free Zone, 07070 Antalya, Turkey E-Mail: [email protected]

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