Addressing the Cyber Security Training Gap

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Published Dec 5, 2018 4:26 PM by The Maritime Executive

Lloyd’s Register (LR), one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology, announced today that it is partnering with AXELOS RESILIA® Frontline to offer its customers engaging cyber awareness training for all their employees. 

The new addition to the LR Cyber Resilience portfolio will provide an effective solution to the ‘human factor’ and addresses the need for sustained behavioral change to build an organization’s resilience to the growing threat of cyber-attack.  

More effective employee training is the key factor in reducing the occurrence of cyber-attack and the costs of dealing with breaches after they occur. The human factor is well known – upwards of 90 percent of all successful cyber-attacks happen because of human error, regardless of the role or responsibility of the individual. 

Organizational response and resilience to the growing number of cyber-attacks is as much about people and their behaviors as about technology or compliance. Yet all too many organizations either do no cyber awareness learning or continue to rely on annual, ‘tick-box’ training that has little effectiveness. A different approach is required, one that moves from passive, corporate training to collaborative and active learning. Without it, the damage to an organization’s reputation, value and operational capabilities can be catastrophic.

JP Cavanna, Group Head of Cyber Security Business Development at LR said: “Cyber attackers target people not systems. Any organizations’ ability to mitigate and better manage their cyber risks must include ‘effective’ awareness training as part of a coherent risk strategy that includes technical control management, threat assessment and vulnerability management, incident response and strong governance, risk and compliance. The addition of the RESILIA Frontline cyber-awareness training to Lloyd’s Register’s cyber offering is a critical part of our mission to provide a world-class cyber risk management portfolio to our customers.” 

LR’s Cyber Security Product Manager, Elisa Cassi, commented: “In the marine industry there is not enough being done to address cyber awareness training and digital skills for seafarers and other staff. You could deploy technologies, a firewall, an intrusion prevention system to prevent a breach from happening, but what you cannot do is prevent people who are not trained opening the door to the attacker. 

Through this partnership LR and AXELOS are transforming cyber security training from what is seen as a mundane box-checking exercise to an innovative approach that helps employees grasp some basic concepts and more importantly, change their habits,” she added.

Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience at AXELOS said: “We are delighted to be working with LR in tackling the critical human factor in the cyber risks we all face. Our RESILIA Frontline awareness training has been designed with leading information security experts and behavioral psychologists to offer short, story-based, engaging training designed to develop and sustain more resilient behaviors across the workforce. Cyber attackers target people not systems and it can only take one person to make an innocent mistake. Building a more vigilant and engaged workforce and resilient culture is critical to our ability to better manage these risks.”

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