Watch: Anti-Terror Boat Stopping Technology in Action

Published Jun 20, 2019 4:45 PM by The Maritime Executive

A British company’s boat stopping systems which can quickly stop boats used in terrorism and narco trafficking without harming the boat or its passengers is making waves.

Security Equipment specialists, BCB International Ltd,  have developed a new range of boat stopping systems which use compressed air and specialized vessel disabling projectiles.    

BCB International Boss, Andrew Howell, said: ”BCB’s boat stopping systems were inspired by the police road stingers used to stop speeding and runaway cars. “As recent events in the Gulf of Oman have yet again shown tankers, ports and docks are vulnerable to acts of terrorism, piracy and trafficking. 

“Provided in boat-mounted and handheld formats, our non-lethal boat stopping systems ingeniously use compressed air and a range of specialized projectiles to intercept vessels weighing up to three tonnes  and traveling up to speeds of 45 knots in seconds. Our technology brings to a quick and safe halt vessels whose maneuveres  arouse suspicions about their intent. 

“More and more law enforcement authorities are using our boat stopping systems to protect maritime assets.”

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