The Joyful Leader In You by Kristy Guo

Kristy Guo
Kristy Guo CEO of Signature Global Network PTY LTD.

Published Mar 6, 2023 3:42 PM by The Maritime Executive

Kristy Guo writes The Joyful Leader In You.

What is this book about?

Eight Secret Steps to Create Confidence and Success In Life and Business. 

Why this book?
There is a significant difference between being a ‘successful’ leader, and a truly joyful one.
On the surface, many people including leaders and business owners may appear successful to others, but behind the scenes, they are unhappy, unmotivated, and lacking in purpose.
Do you have an outwardly successful business and life, but the ‘passion’ is missing?
Throughout The Joyful Leader In You, Kristy Guo provides readers with a step-by-step guide to switch on an unstoppable source of self-confidence and motivation in both life and business.
Would you love to be worry-free and wildly successful?
Do you currently lack purpose, passion, and motivation?
Do you want to start a business or take your career to the next level, but fear and doubt are holding you back?

Then, this book is for you.
Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, you’ll discover unique methodologies to love and lead people - including yourself.
Are you ready to transform your life and awaken the joyful leader in you?

Why does Kristy write this book?
Her unique life transformation experience and leadership success in managing her business, life, and people are the main factors behind this book.
Kristy saw there was a need for this book to come and help more people to find their missing joy, purpose, and motivation.
“I love writing!” Kristy said, “whenever I started to write, time just flew. I remembered many times when I realized I was so thirsty. I was already been sitting there writing for more than four hours, and then I had to rush to get water and run to the bathroom. I love to imagine my future readers who are sitting in front of me and waiting for these messages for them to start the transformation.
How long has Kristy been working on this book?
More than one year. There were many days and nights when everyone watched, played, and went out, and Kristy always found time to write.
Why recommend readers about this book?
Many reasons but here are a few more highlights :
Kristy shared her life and career leadership skills and secrets;
The book is not just a traditional leadership book, it focuses more on the missing joy in the leadership world, and it’s talked stories and methodologies to achieve success (happiness) in life and career.
It took lots of effort and time, and it’s going to be much worth than a book price.
Will there be the next step after the book is published? Like any coaching courses can we get?
Answer: Yes, there will be audiobooks and more platforms for publishing. And yes, a series of coaching courses too. Readers need to be patient for a few months. The course system is underproducing. Exciting times are ahead!
Were you scared to write and publish such a big book?
“I was, but then I was not. I was scared I would have to share many true stories and feelings. But not anymore because I am clear about the purpose of this book. It’s not about me; it’s about the readers. “ Kristy mentioned.

Author’s BIO:
Kristy Guo is the Chinese-born, Australian-based founder and CEO of Signature Global Network PTY LTD. She is a best-selling author, coach, and award-winning entrepreneur. She is an expert in building multicultural and international networking business communities. Kristy is well-known for her passion and positivity. Her mission is to bring light, power, and energy into the lives of others.

Book Launching Date: 28/03/2023

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