Navis Unveils Broader Software Strategy for Terminals & Carriers

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Published May 16, 2017 11:08 AM by The Maritime Executive

Navis, part of Cargotec, unveils broader software strategy and underpins need for synchronizing the ocean supply chain for terminals and carriers

Navis, part of Cargotec's business area Kalmar, confirms a broader software strategy that will enable container terminals, carriers and their shipping partners to streamline their ocean supply chains and better collaborate together, transforming how goods are efficiently delivered. Cargotec will host Software Day for investors and analysts in Helsinki, Finland on June 1, 2017. The purpose of the event is to provide a possibility to discuss software strategy and business opportunities in more detailed level.  

The strategy delivers a more comprehensive set of solutions to optimize terminal performance, carrier performance, and cloud-based collaboration that drives greater transparency, efficiency and profitability to a network of ocean carriers, terminal operators and logistics providers.

"As the ocean supply chain has grown more complex and new challenges have arisen for all members of the shipping community, Navis is committed to growing its software and services portfolio to support current and future customer needs," said Benoit de la Tour, president of Navis and head of software business, Kalmar. "Navis' broader software focus is in direct response to this promise, further extending the company's trusted, industry-leading solutions beyond terminal operations to drive improved optimization and performance for a broader set of ocean trade entities, including ocean carriers globally."

Navis' expanded solution portfolio includes the following:

• Navis Terminal Solutions: Includes the N4 Terminal Operation System, Business Intelligence Portal and related solutions for automated terminals and services designed to optimize terminal performance.

• Navis Carrier Solutions: Includes solutions designed to improve vessel capacity, network performance and monitoring. This includes market leading solutions acquired from INTERSCHALT-Navis StowMan, a leading stowage planning product in use by 25 percent of current container vessels, Navis MACS3, an onboard loading computer with a market share of about 65 percent in the container ship segment, and Navis Bluetracker, one of the most powerful fleet performance products on the market.

• XVELA: Operating as its own entity, XVELA provides the industry's only cloud collaboration platform powering connected intelligence across the ocean supply chain. XVELA's open platform delivers actionable visibility and real-time collaboration to enable carriers, terminals and other stakeholders to simplify and synchronize their operations and proactively adjust to potential disruptions while improving customer service.

"With our expanded focus, existing and new Navis customers will not only benefit from access to some of the best solutions custom built for the ocean supply chain, but also deeper knowledge and industry experience, greater innovation capabilities and unmatched talent to help deliver value at every turn," said Andy Barrons, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Navis.

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