EBDG Unveils Brand Transformation at the International Workboat Show

Elliot Bay Design Group

Published Nov 28, 2023 1:25 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Elliot Bay Design Group]

Elliot Bay Design Group (EBDG), a prominent marine engineering and naval architecture firm, is thrilled to reveal a refreshed brand identity at this year's International WorkBoat Show, set to take place Wednesday, November 29 through Friday, December 1, 2023, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

EBDG's rebranding effort encompasses a complete transformation, featuring a new logo, brand colors, a purpose-driven mission, and a set of core values that reflects their dedication to sustainability and innovation. With almost a century of experience, EBDG is commited to offering collaborative problem-solving and innovative solutions, always staying ahead of the curve in response to ever-changing demands, technologies, and regulations. "We are passionate about ensuring a prosperous future by balancing efficiency and sustainability within the marine industry," reports John Waterhouse, Principal at EBDG. He continues, "we commit to delivering comprehensive marine solutions that are Beter to Build and Beter to Operate."

"Our brand values continue to emphasize trust, evolution, proactiveness, multidimensionality, and enthusiastic partnership. As an employee-owned firm, we see ourselves as partners in our clients' success and are dedicated to achieving their goals together," states Robert Ekse, President at EBDG. "Our company mantra still rings true; Our Team is Your Team."

The history behind EBDG reflects their commitment to change and innovation. With a rich legacy dating back to the asset acquisition of Nickum and Spaulding Associates in 1988, EBDG's roots are deeply embedded in vessels that have revolutionized marine transportation. Over the years, EBDG has expanded its capabilities, becoming a premier designer of ferries, tugs, cargo vessels, workboats, infrastructure, and more. EBDG continues its evolution as an industry leader in decarbonization, alternative fuels, and cutting-edge design practices.

At the 2023 International WorkBoat Show, EBDG will not only showcase their brand transformation, but also several ground-breaking designs and green energy projects.

CHAMP – Clean Harbor Alternative Mobile Power Barge EBDG's harbor power and charging barge (patent pending) is not just a floating generator; it's a sustainable powerhouse, designed to minimize emissions, increase efficiency, and transform the future of maritime port and harbor operations.

This floating mobile cold ironing platform is a game-changer, capable of delivering a continuous 6 to 16 megawats (MW) of clean power generated by methanol, ensuring a minimum of two weeks of uninterrupted operation before refueling. But it doesn't stop there – it can also be equipped to serve as an on-the-spot DC charging station for electric harbor tugs and smaller service vessels, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to the dock and expensive pier-side charging infrastructure. It's also ideal for managing peak charging demand for fleets of port trucks completely independent of the power grid.

In partnership with allies along each of the nation's coasts, EBDG is in pursuit of bringing CHAMP to a port near you. From several bustling ports along the West Coast to the energy hub of Houston, the vibrant waters of New Orleans, and the restless ports of New Jersey and New York, EBDG is working to make this cutting-edge technology accessible across the nation.

At its heart, the barge features a Wartsila W32M Tier IV methanol generator for cold ironing. It can also be equipped with e1 Marine's M30 hydrogen reformer technology and a range of fuel cell options to optimize rapid charging. This innovative fusion of commercial technologies yields an astonishing reduction of exhaust emissions by over 70% when compared to conventional diesel power and the ability to achieve zero full-cycle emissions through a Wartsila carbon capture system and certified green methanol fuel.

Compact and agile, the barge measures less than 225 feet in length, making it a perfect fit for the world's busiest ports and tightest harbors. To ensure safety and environmental protection, it boasts double hull protection for its in-hull storage tanks, holds a T1(b) Classification by Lloyd's Register, and complies with Marpol 21.1.2 standards.

Hybrid Power Ferries
EBDG is at the forefront of championing sustainability in marine transportation by actively assisting ferry operators nationwide in their transition to green energy. Presently, three EBDG- designed hybrid-electric ferries are under construction. These include vessels for the Trust for Governors Island, Casco Bay Lines Transit District, and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, all slated to commence operations in 2024.

EBDG is also contributing to the initiatives of the nation's largest ferry operator, Washington State Ferries with their hybridization efforts including the design and construction support of the Hybrid Electric Olympic Class.

Methanol/Hydrogen Powered Towboat
Progress is underway as EBDG's designed HYDROGEN ONE moves a step closer to construction at Intracoastal Iron Works in Bourg, LA. Once completed, the vessel will be the world's first methanol reforming hydrogen powered towboat. It will join the Maritime Partners fleet and will be operated by American Commercial Barge Line serving the intracoastal waterway and Mississippi River system.

Methanol Bunkering Barge
The supply chain is a key factor in the marine industry’s evolution toward alternative fuels and EBDG is also positioning itself to lead in this arena. Leveraging its strong pedigree of ocean and inland tank barge experience, EBDG is providing architectural and engineering services to the Port of South Louisiana for the design of a methanol fueling barge. This barge will be the first in the nation purpose built and optimized to serve as a clean fueling station to meet the demands of the coming fleet of methanol and methanol reforming hydrogen-powered river vessels along the Lower Mississippi River.

Visit EBDG at the International WorkBoat Show – Booth 2142
VP of Strategic Expansion, Mike Complita invites you to visit EBDG at the International WorkBoat Show, "Join us on this remarkable journey towards greener seas and a brighter, cleaner future for the shipping industry. It's all on show this week."

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