Coltraco Ultrasonics Proudly Announces Portascanner Set

Portascanner Set

By The Maritime Executive 09-20-2016 05:05:09

Coltraco Ultrasonics are excited to announce that they will be releasing the Portascanner™ Set to compliment the Portascanner™ Portable Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Tester. Added to the Portascanner™ will be the Portaleak™ leak detector and the datalogging Portascanner™ Evidential™ camera. The Portascanner™ tests for watertight and weather-tight seals, ideal for checking hatch-covers, doors, cable transit areas and much more. The Evidential™ camera device compliments the Portascanner™ Watertight by recording all of the readings taken on the Portascanner™ receiver, providing photographic evidence of the results. The Portaleak Ultrasonic Leak Detector adds to the package the ability to identify gas leaks, making the package flexible to a variety of safety and maintenance needs. With through-life maintenance support for any purchase, Coltraco Ultrasonics offer a unique level of service for Classification Society approved life-safety technology. This set is delivered as part of Coltraco Ultrasonics commitment to supplying reliability, replicability and engineering build quality. 

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