BMS 1888 Mobile Pipe Mill Barge

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E003 Mobile Pipe Mill - Full Structure

Published Nov 20, 2023 2:25 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Baker Marine Solutions]

Baker Marine Solutions (BMS) is proud to present a new concept design for the U.S. offshore wind industry.

As the industry evolves, new challenges emerge that have not traditionally been a factor in other regions. One of these challenges specifically mentioned in recent news is the availability of Monopiles and lack of sufficient yard space for fabrication.

BMS has designed a new concept that answers this problem – the 1888 Mobile Pipe Mill Barge.

The BMS 1888 provides a mobile pipe mill facility that can be scaled to meet the requirements of any specific project, anywhere on the coast. This also speeds up the initialization of the project, as the facility can be moored anywhere with appropriate water depth and height clearance.

Should available shoreside facilities not be available, the 1888 can also be mated up to additional mobile welding and coating facilities barges, creating a full scale production line that can be rapidly mobilized to any area that can accommodate the marine footprint.

The 1888 will be fitted with 2 x Long Seam Weld Station, 1 x Roller Arm, 3 x Welding Manipulator-Arm for 10' Rolled Plate, 2 x Stabbing Station, 2 x Stringer Weld Station, 2 x Back Weld Station, 2 x Welding Manipulator-Arm for Back Weld, 1 x Overhead Bridge Crane and Gantry System, & four 60' Spuds. It will be capable of producing 10' x 25' O.D. Cans Produced by Long Seam Weld, and 40' x 25' O.D. Cans as a Final Product.

“The US offshore wind market will require forward looking, practical solutions to complex supply chain challenges. The 1888 concept meets this goal” says BMS President Jim Baker.

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