Bechtel Reaches Hay Point's Major Construction Milestones

Hay Point

Published Apr 30, 2015 1:45 PM by The Maritime Executive

Construction work on the Hay Point coal terminal expansion project has achieved two major milestones in the last year with the completion of the new 1.9km jetty and additional berth. On 9 December 2014, coal was loaded out through the new 1.9km long trestle to the existing Berth 1, which was followed closely on 12 January by the first cargo from the new berth.

Apart from the new jetty and berth, Bechtel’s work for BMA, now in the final stages, includes onshore coal materials handling facilities.

“These recent milestones are the result of a great deal of hard work from our local team and a high level of coordination with our customer, BMA,” said Shaun Kenny, Bechtel’s President of Mining & Metals and Managing Director of Bechtel Australia.

“Coal terminal expansions have been key projects for us in the last few years. For example, we successfully completed three expansions of the Koorangang terminal at Port Waratah in Newcastle, New South Wales.

“One of the innovative approaches we have been able to use on this Hay Point project is modularization, similar to that on our four Australian LNG construction projects. The coal transfer towers, surge bins, conveyer galleries, and ship loader were fabricated and fitted out in fabrication yards off shore prior to shipment to Australia”.

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