AST Enhanced IOT Solution Fully Rolled Out by ScanTech for U.S. Project

AST Group
AST provided ScanTech Offshore with mission-critical remote access to live engine data for their air compressors.

Published Nov 20, 2023 8:15 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: AST Group]

The AST Group recently delivered their advanced remote performance monitoring solution to ScanTech Offshore, a leading provider of offshore services across the globe.

ScanTech approached AST with a mission-critical need to access live engine data for their air compressors remotely. Previously, they had no system in place to collect this information and relied entirely on onsite technicians for reporting and adjustments.

ScanTech Offshore will now use iRAMS GenSet – AST's revolutionary enhanced monitoring solution, in their fleet of rig-safe and Zone II air compressors specifically dedicated to well-testing applications.

The compressors operate on an offshore vessel up to 20 miles from land, near New Shoreham Island in the United States. Each compressor is equipped with a ComAp engine controller to log data, AST's Sales Engineer, Taras Pavlyuk and Technical Director, Sam Woodcock, visited ScanTech's headquarters to gather requirements and collect a sample controller to ensure compatibility with AST's solution.

In April 2023, AST delivered 24 iRAMS Compressor systems. ScanTech were so impressed with the performance, they subsequently placed an order for a further 24 systems to be delivered in July and August 2023.

The benefits for ScanTech are clear to see – and the potential for their offshore project is enormous. They can now monitor live data from the units and stop or start the controllers remotely. Sensor and engine data can be regularly uploaded to an ERP system, quickly and easily. Additional features provide complete flexibility based on the needs of their clients, such as clutch-in and clutch-out functionality.

AST is delighted to provide greater safety and efficiency at sea using iRAMS Compressors. ScanTech is now enjoying improved reporting, greater operational efficiency, and a reduced risk to human engineers and technicians by automating their data collection and removing unnecessary tasks.

Taras Pavlyuk, Technical Sales Engineer at AST says: "We are delighted to have secured a double order from the leading provider of air compressors and steam generators, Scantech Offshore. Our team worked hard to develop a solution to use the ComAp DCU marine controllers adhering to tight deadlines to meet our customer’s expectations. This is a really big milestone for AST as it is the first time our iRAMS IoT solution has landed off the coast of the USA. We couldn’t be prouder of the achievement."

Scott Berry, Engineering Manager at Scantech Offshore says: "Scantech Offshore approached AST as we had an important project to deliver and were looking for a partner that could deliver end-to-end solutions. We didn’t want to rely on vessel internet because we required more reliable connectivity with access to an online software platform for data collection. AST, being a local provider, were able to gather all the requirements during a technical visit and provided great assistance in both setting up the system and during the use."

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