Host Your Training Online with Safebridge – SafeLearn for Business

By Safebridge 05-18-2020 01:37:10

Posted in: Maritime

Safebridge announces the launch of SafeLearn for Business, a new solution which allows companies and training providers in th...

Safebridge Announces Free Access to its Digital Certificates Platform

By Safebridge 04-20-2020 05:57:25

Posted in: Training

Safebridge announces free access to its digital certificate management platform myCert as part of a new initiative of the #Be...

Safebridge Releases Free COVID-19 Online Training for Seafarers

By Safebridge 04-11-2020 07:50:00

Posted in: Training

Safebridge releases free COVID-19 online training for seafarers as part of the #BeSafe Campaign launched to alleviate the adverse...

COVID-19: Safebridge launches a #BeSafe Campaign to Protect Seafarers

By Safebridge 03-26-2020 03:55:00

Posted in: Training

To alleviate the adverse impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the maritime industry, Safebridge, the company behind SafeLearn, la...

SafeLearn Launches New "Mastering Daily Navigation" Course

By Safebridge 03-16-2020 04:02:12

Posted in: Training

SafeLearn, a product line of Safebridge, launches a new online training called “Mastering Daily Navigation.” The cours...

Safebridge and CIRM Present the Concept of e-Certificates to the IMO

By Safebridge 01-21-2020 02:25:00

Posted in: Shipping

January 16th, 2020, marked an important date as Safebridge alongside CIRM attended the IMO NCSR Sub-Committee 7th Session, held in...

Safebridge Receives Three Prestigious Awards in 2019

By Safebridge 12-10-2019 07:05:00

Posted in: Training

Following years of hard work to revolutionise and digitalise the crew competence management in the maritime industry, Safebridge h...

myCert wins the Innovation & Technology Solutions Award at CrewConnect

By Safebridge 11-22-2019 01:30:00

Posted in: Shipping

myCert, a product line of Safebridge is this year’s grand winner of the CrewConnect Global Conference Innovation and Technol...

myCert has been Shortlisted for an Award at CrewConnect Global 2019

By Safebridge 11-11-2019 03:20:00

Posted in: Shipping

myCert, a product line of Safebridge, has been nominated and shortlisted for this year’s Innovation and Technology Solutions...

SafeMetrix is Developing AI-Based Assessment for Seafarer Soft Skills

By Safebridge 07-26-2019 11:19:00

Posted in: Maritime

SafeMetrix, a product line of Safebridge, has announced a new ground-breaking project aimed at developing an entirely new approach...

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