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Mia Bennett

Mia Bennett


Mia Bennett is an assistant professor in the Geography Department and School of Modern Languages & Cultures (China Studies Programme) at the University of Hong Kong. Her research and writing focus on how commodities cycles, globalization, and climate change are affecting trade networks, transportation, and natural resource development in the Arctic. She is a frequent contributor to The Maritime Executive Magazine.


Published May 9, 2021 12:17 PM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Environment

For as long as ships have sailed at sea, they’ve needed ballast to remain stable and seaworthy. Centuries ago, vessels used...

Breaking Down the US Navy’s Blueprint for a Blue Arctic

Published Feb 5, 2021 11:40 AM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Government

With climate change and an increasingly unstable international order, the U.S. Navy is releasing new Arctic strategies at an accel...

In Just 20 Years, Ships Could Cross an Open Arctic Ocean

Published Sep 6, 2020 10:48 PM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Shipping

Sailing via the North Pole was impossible until the 1950s. Now, it is all but inevitable. Even if all greenhouse gas emissions cea...

How Arctic Communities Took Their Own Measures on COVID-19

Published Aug 30, 2020 7:02 PM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Government

Across the Arctic each summer, thousands of tourists and scientists descend upon the region’s villages, research stations, a...

What the Arctic Reveals About Coronavirus

Published May 31, 2020 11:41 AM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Government

"Last evening the officers broke up a card game in one cigar store, and left orders that no persons were allowed to congregat...

Sulfur Out, Scrubbers In

Published Apr 17, 2020 11:47 PM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Shipping

When it comes to environmental pollutants, carbon dioxide is public enemy number one. Yet new regulations from the International M...

The Strange Saga of RCGS Resolute

Published Apr 10, 2020 6:50 PM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Cruise Ships

In the wee hours of March 30, an armed Venezuelan Coast Guard patrol ship fired on and rammed a Portuguese-flagged, Bahamian-owned...

Ban on Heavy Fuel Oil in Arctic Shipping Moves Ahead

Published Feb 23, 2020 3:16 PM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Government

On the banks of the River Thames in London last week, a little-known group met to determine the future of Arctic shipping. In the...

Wind and Waves Create Economic Opportunity for Scotland's Islands

Published Nov 22, 2019 10:53 AM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Environment

Scotland’s islands, particularly Orkney, are capitalizing on their historic northern linkages both offensively, to take adva...

Welcome to the Geoengineered Arctic

Published Oct 16, 2019 5:47 PM by Mia Bennett

Posted in: Government

This past weekend, as has happened every October for seven years now, over a thousand participants from around the world gathered...

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