Buddy Custard

Capt. Norman "Buddy" Custard (USCG, ret'd.) is the president and CEO of the Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network. He possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in maritime operations, including 30 years of service with the U.S. Coast Guard and experience as an executive for an oil firm operating on the U.S. Arctic Outer Continental Shelf.

OPA90 Update Builds on Don Young’s Legacy of Protecting Alaskan Waters

Published May 22, 2022 1:47 AM by Buddy Custard

Posted in: Environment

May 22 marks National Maritime Day. Congress established it in 1933 in commemoration of the steam ship Savannah and her maiden voy...

Preventing the Next Exxon Valdez

Published Mar 18, 2021 4:26 PM by Buddy Custard

Posted in: Tugs & Salvage

There is a sad irony when you consider that the laws and regulations necessitated by the Exxon Valdez oil spill to protect the mar...

Op-Ed: Time for Congress to Act on Arctic Maritime Safety

Published Sep 20, 2019 3:06 PM by Buddy Custard

Posted in: Maritime

The Arctic remains one of the most amazing regions of the world, with diverse wildlife, ecosystems, and weather patterns. But the...

The Arctic is America's Next Maritime Frontier

Published May 21, 2019 4:25 PM by Buddy Custard

Posted in: Maritime

Two centuries ago, the SS Savannah made history as the first steamship to transit the Atlantic. At just 98 feet long and with a si...

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