Vopak Considers Expanding Ammonia Storage at Port of Singapore

Vopak's Banyan terminal on Jurong Island, Singapore (Vopak)

Published Oct 25, 2022 8:56 PM by The Maritime Executive

Dutch terminal operator Vopak is looking at expanding its ammonia storage capacity in Singapore, adding to a growing project portfolio for new green fuels.

Vopak operates an existing ammonia storage tank at its Banyan terminal complex on Jurong Island, and it can store up to 10,000 cubic meters of refrigerated ammonia at present. The company has completed a conceptual design for an expansion of ammonia storage capacity at Banyan, and it is proceeding with a risk assessment study. 

“In line with Singapore’s ambition on net-zero carbon emissions, Vopak can leverage on our proven expertise of safely storing ammonia in Banyan. We have the right expertise and are at the right location to facilitate new supply chains for low-carbon ammonia. We do see a strong potential in Singapore that supports the momentum of developing ammonia-ready infrastructure ahead of other locations," said Rob Boudestijn, the managing director for the firm's Singapore operations. 

Vopak plans to invest $1 billion into projects for new fuels by 2030. It is already working on the permitting process for an ammonia import terminal at the Port of Rotterdam's Maasvlakte complex, which will repurpose existing storage tanks, quays and pipeline infrastructure.

Earlier this month, the company also floated the idea of redeveloping an LPG import facility in Vlissingen for use for ammonia. The site's twin 55,000 cubic meter LPG tanks are suitable for conversion to hold the new cargo, the company says, and end users in the region could use the ammonia as fertilizer, marine fuel or as a hydrogen carrier. In a statement, the firm said that a final investment decision would depend upon market interest. 

As Vopak expands its plans for green fuel infrastructure, it has sold off its ships' agency business, Vopak Agencies. Wilhelmsen Port Services acquired the division earlier this month.