Video: Italian Forces Rescue 85 Passengers and Crew as Ferry Risks Sinking

Italian ferry rescue
85 people were rescued from the ferry four miles from shore (Guardia Costiera)

Published Jun 12, 2024 5:58 PM by The Maritime Executive


All available resources including the Italian Coast Guard, multiple units of the police, and fire brigade were called out at midday on Wednesday, June 12 after a newly built ferry declared an emergency reporting it was at immediate risk of sinking in the eastern portion of the Gulf of Trieste. There were 76 passengers, five children, and four crewmembers aboard the ferry Audace.

The agencies worked in concert to evacuate all the passengers into life rafts and then to transfer them on the patrol boats to shore. The authorities proudly announced that there were no serious injuries and that “no one even ended up in the water.” 



No cause was being given for the incident, although some speculation was that a wave swamped the 22.5-meter (74-foot) passenger ferry. It was running its route along the eastern coast traveling between Trieste and Grado. The trip requires about one and a half hours. It is part of the public transit system.

The vessel was approximately four miles from shore when the captain reported it was in danger of foundering. Pictures show it steeply tilted toward the bow.

The ferry was built in 2023 and entered service a year ago replacing an older vessel named Adriatica. The new ferry can carry a total of 200 passengers seated between the covered cabin and open deck. It also had space for up to 30 bicycles.



Media reports highlight that ambulances were also on hand with medical teams. Six people were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The ferry remained afloat despite its precarious position. Teams were working with a tug to bring the vessel to port.