USCG Grants Approval of Donjon-SMIT, LLCS OPA-90 Salvage Services Contract and Funding Agreement

Alexandria, VA—Donjon-SMIT, LLC, an OPA-90 Alliance, has received unconditional approval from the U.S. Coast Guard for its Salvage, Marine Firefighting and Lightering Contract and Funding Agreement. The Coast Guard’s full acceptance of the contract means that Donjon-SMIT, LLC now has the required approvals for a mechanism to contract with vessel owners needing salvage and marine response services required under OPA-90, and stipulated in the Salvage and Marine Firefighting Requirements; Vessel Response Plans for Oil; Final Rule dated December 31, 2008.

The contract fully meets the Coast Guard’s 33 Code of Federal Regulations 155.4025 definition of “contract or other approved means,” including the “funding agreement” component of that definition.

“Donjon-SMIT is most pleased by this approval by the Coast Guard. It opens the door to offer our array of salvage-related OPA-90 services to all of our current and potential clients under the new regulations soon to go into effect,” said Paul Hankins, Vice President, Operations. “Donjon-SMIT, with its expertise, assets, and now a Coast Guard-approved contracting mechanism, is ready to begin implementing new standby-services contracts well ahead of schedule,” he said.

To see the Coast Guard’s letter of approval or for additional information on Donjon-SMIT, visit: www.donjon-smit.com