Ukraine Says Naval Forces Destroyed Another Russian Warship

Russian minesweeper
Ukraine reports damaging the Russian minesweeper Kovrovets (Black Sea Force)

Published May 19, 2024 2:44 PM by The Maritime Executive


For a country without a large naval presence, Ukraine continues to report a string of successes against the Russian Navy. In the latest report, the Ukrainian Defense Force reported on Sunday morning that it destroyed another Russian minesweeper as part of its attacks on occupied Crimea.

Unconfirmed reports circulating on the Internet are suggesting though it might have been a more significant strike on a Russian Karakurt-Class corvette named Tsiklon (Cyclon), which was only commissioned in 2023. The speculative reports are saying the corvette was lost killing six and injuring 11. Official Ukrainian channels have not commented on these reports.

The attack comes as Russia has launched new offensive actions in various parts of Ukraine. Ukrainian forces claimed there were 110 combat clashes yesterday, including 59 air strikes. They claimed Russia used 95 anti-aircraft missiles, 58 drones, and fired multiple rocket salvos.

On its accounts on Telegram and X, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced its forces “destroyed a sea minesweeper of the Russian Navy of the project 266-M named Kovrovets.” They called it “Another bad day for the Russian Black Sea fleet.”

There have been no independent confirmations of the strike and general vague denials from the Russians. A Russian official in Sevastopol wrote on social media that the “air defense was working” and that there was no damage to civil infrastructure. 


(Russian allies posted this video on Telegram reportedly showing their forces shooting down the incoming attack by Ukraine)


Separately Russia reported it had shot down nine U.S.-made missiles and a drone overnight in the defense of Crimea. Overall, they claimed “dozens of drones” were shot down coming from Ukrainian forces.

The vessel that Ukraine reported damaging would be at least the second of the class that has come under attack by Ukraine. It is part of a Soviet-era class of minesweepers built to lay mines and provide protection for vessels. It is 200 feet (61 meters) in length and is reported to have a crew of 68. Armament on the class includes two 30mm naval guns and Lynx radar.

Ukrainian officials have been citing reports of a long list of successes from its Navy since the start of the war. They claimed in February that since the start of the war, their forces have disabled a third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine claims that it has damaged at least 24 ships and one submarine. They contend that Russia pulled back its significant naval assets moving them to Novorossiysk.

Last week, Ukrainian media claimed the country’s forces had also successfully attacked Novorossiysk using long-range drones. The reports said there were fires in the fuel oil terminal and Transneft terminal.