Solar Hybrid Post Panamax Supertanker, The "Emax Deliverance"

Published Dec 18, 2012 1:48 PM by The Maritime Executive

SCOD presents Deliverance, a DynaWing Solar Hybrid Supertanker that qualifies as the largest and by far the greenest post panamax vessel to be built and as such the most economical form of crude oil transport to and from any part of the globe.

To reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions by up to 75% this superior fluid dynamic Emax Supertanker obtains half of her power from LNG and the other half from the latest advances in solar and wind power technology.

The Emax Deliverance is a 2 million barrel 330,000DWT Supertanker designed specifically for the newly enlarged locks of the Panama Canal which will accommodate vessels that have a maximum length of 1,395 ft (426m), a beam of 176 ft  (54m) and a draft 59 ft (18m). 

Being longer, narrower and having less draft than previous 2 million barrel VLCC’s, the hull of Deliverance produces less drag which in conjunction with twin CRP Hybrid Propulsion Pods reduces fuel consumption and GHG emissions by 35%. An additional 20 to 30% reduction is achieved with her 500,000 sq. meter DynaWing boom furling sails and another 15 to 20% reduction by her Solbian Solar power generating array. The realization of a 75% reduction is made possible by Mitsubishi’s Bubble Hull and Wartsila’s Coded LNG Hybrid power system.

Generally speaking the total Diesel Engine Power requirement for a conventional 330,000DWT Supertanker is 30MWs.  By comparison the total Power requirement for the advanced 330,000DWT Emax Solar Hybrid Supertanker is 20MWs; 10MWs from LNG, 10MWs from the Sun and Wind

LNG power source
Wartsila LLC Duel Fuel Hybrid Power equal to 10MWs
Key benefits of Wärtsilä DF engines and LLC (Low Loss Concept)
High efficiency
Low exhaust gas emissions
Fuel flexibility
Fuel economy over the entire engine operating range

Sustainable and renewable Sun and Wind power sources
DynaWing sails 4 to 8MWs.
The DynaWing is a hybrid Wingmast and mainsail combination that delivers a dynamic range of power options from a full array of sails with Wingsail emulated efficiency, to a gradual reduction of all sails culminating in Wingmast reefing.

SunPower Solbian Solar Panels  up to 4MWs 
Solbian marine solar panels have the highest rated efficiency and come with a 25 year warrantee. The energy harnessed from the Sun is stored in a 5MW Lithium ion UPS  to allow for Zero Carbon docking and power for all hotel services .

As a major Certified Carbon Offset Project, the Carbon Offset or reduction in GHG emissions achieved by Deliverance is 110,000 tons of CO2 per year or roughly a reduction 3 million tons of CO2 over the Supertankers 25 year service life.

Richard Sauter commented’, "A Solar Hybrid Post Panamax VLCC presents us with a  major win win scenario, for apart from safeguarding the planet, oil companies can look forward to savings of up to 60 million dollars a year on the purchase of fuel, which at today’s prices not only pays for the Emax Supertanker in under 4 years, but increases their earnings over her service life by over 1.5 billion US dollars."

The cost of Deliverance is approximately 15% above the cost of a conventional 330,000DWT Supertanker.