Singapore Starts Construction of New Container Terminal

Singapore Tuas terminal

Published May 6, 2015 8:59 PM by Wendy Laursen

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has started the construction of a new container terminal with 20 deep-water berths that will have a total capacity of 20 million TEU per annum. 

The construction project is expected to take six years, and the MPA engaged the Dredging International Asia Pacific-Daelim Joint Venture (DDJV) for the work.

The Tuas Terminal Phase 1 Reclamation, Wharf Construction and Dredging project entails the construction of the terminal including the erection of an 8.6-kilometer quay wall and its foundation, the dredging of the fairway and basins and the reclamation of 294 hectares of new land.

The government of Singapore will start to consolidate its world-class container port facilities at Tuas from 2030. New technology will be introduced at the greenfield site to create a hypermodern, innovative and largely automated logistics hub. The consolidation will also free up existing port land near the city center for future urban redevelopment. 

The Tuas Terminal Project, of which Phase 1 is a crucial milestone, will ensure that Singapore’s leading global hub port continues to have sufficient capacity in the long term to meet industry demand.

Reclamation Works

More than 80 million cubic meters of reclamation fill will be used consisting of dredged materials from the seabed, excavated materials from other land-based projects and sea sand. Laid with a foundation of 222 caissons each weighing about 15,000 tons, the quay wall will be fabricated at a temporary yard on site and transported using a newly constructed 20,000-tonne floating dock vessel. 

One of DEME’s most powerful rock cutter suction dredgers and a trailer suction dredger will be deployed for the dredging works. The construction activities will be executed according to strict environmental requirements specified and with continuous environmental monitoring supervision by an independent environmental specialist appointed by MPA.