Sewol Movie Released

AFTER THE SEWOL - EXTENDED TEASER TRAILER from Sewol Documentary on Vimeo.

Published Mar 26, 2018 5:03 PM by The Maritime Executive

The movie After the Sewol has been released on iTunes. It explores the changes in South Korean society after the sinking of the Sewol ferry on April 16, 2014. Over 300 people died in the tragedy, mostly school students.

The two British film makers talk with relatives of the victims, rescue divers and activists and embark upon a journey to uncover how the tragedy came about, looking deep into Korean history about why no action was taken to prevent it in the first place. 

Their journey takes them all over Korea, meeting an older generation struggling to create a safer place for their children to live and a young vibrant generation fighting for a corrupt free society. But, all of them searching for one thing, the truth about why the Sewol victims died.

After the Sewol is available in Great Britain, Ireland, Pan-Asia, Caribbean, Africa and Israel. It is scheduled to be released in Canada on June 5 and the U.S. on June 6. Dates are yet to be set for its release on Google Play, Amazon Prime, Vudu and the Sony networks.

The movie is written, produced and directed by Matt Root and Neil P. George. The pair have also completed a second film on the tragedy entitled Crossroads. Release dates have not yet been set, but a trailer is available here