ONE Orpheus Containership Forced From Service After Suez Grounding

ONE Orpheus containership
ONE Orpheus was stuck for several hours in the Suez Canal before tugs were able to pull her free (SCA)

Published Dec 26, 2023 8:24 PM by The Maritime Executive


Ocean Network Express’s (ONE) hapless containership ONE Orpheus (104,525 dwt) was forced to suspend its operations after the incident in the Suez Canal at the beginning of the month. The ship arrived in Turkey yesterday, December 25 after unloading its containers.

The company had first reported that there were delays in completing the repairs to the 1,102-foot (336-meter) containership due to weather issues in Egypt. Built in 2008 and operated by NYK for ONE. The ship lost navigation control and grounded in the Suez Canal after hitting a floating bridge on December 6. Claims consultant WK Webster in its casualty report said there were indications “that the vessel sustained a significant breach to the starboard hull above the waterline as a result of the collision.”

The repairs were reportedly completed and the ship departed from Egypt on December 17. ONE was advising customers that she was expected to reach Rotterdam on December 26, but then without further explanation, the voyage was canceled. Two days after departing from Egypt, ONE informed customers that “she will require additional urgent repair” meaning the vessel would not be able to continue her voyage as planned.

The trip was terminated in Piraeus mid-week last week. She arrived on December 20 and stayed till December 23 with all the laden containers being offloaded at the Greek terminal. ONE was planning to make arrangements for further transshipment of the containers from Greece to their destinations.

The vessel was moved first south of the Dardanelles and then made the transit into the Sea of Marmara north of Canakkale, Turkey. She anchored there yesterday, December 25. The reports are that the vessel will need to go into dry dock to complete the repairs from her incident in the Suez Canal.

Webster is telling clients that based on the decision to remove the ship from service for repairs shippers may see General Average invoked. They are warning that shippers might be required to post security before they can receive their containers.

There have been no additional reports so far on what caused the vessel to ground during the transit. The Suez Canal Authority blamed problems with the vessel’s rudder which led to the steering failure.