ONE Joins Trend Towards Optional Low-Carbon Container Fees

File image courtesy ONE

Published Apr 17, 2024 7:27 PM by The Maritime Executive

Japanese ocean carrier ONE has added a low-carbon option for shippers who are willing to spend to reduce their emissions. Rather than selling carbon offsets for tree planting or conservation, the company is offering its customers the opportunity to pay for biofuel for the carrier's fleet, in an amount equivalent to the energy needed to move the shipment. 

ONE is buying regulation-compliant biofuels for a number of its ships, and customers can reduce their Scope 3 (supply chain) emissions by paying for the fuel. Customers receive a certification of the CO2-equivalent savings, independently verified to ensure compliance. ClassNK has validated the process and methodology behind the credits. 

The fuel product is a second-generation biofuel made from used cooking oil, which reduces well-to-wake emissions by more than 80 percent when compared to VLSFO. It meets the EU's definition of a waste stream, and does not require human food for production (like virgin soy-based biofuels). 

"We are fully committed to our target in achieving net-zero GHG emissions by 2050," said Gilberto Santos, Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Service Management at ONE. "The launch of ONE LEAF+ underscores our commitment to sustainability and provides our customers with the tools and transparency they need."

Like many carriers, ONE aims to meet the IMO target of net-zero emissions by 2050, and views the opt-in policy for low-carbon biofuel as a step towards that goal. Other carriers offer similar programs or partnerships: UECC has piloted biofuel voyages with BMW, Maersk Supply Service offers optional biofuel credits for the offshore sector, and MSC, Maersk, and Hapag all offer an optional service for customers to buy low-carbon fuel. With Maersk's recent dual-fuel vessel investments, its ECO Delivery option now includes methanol-fueled shipping in addition to biofuel.