[Watch] In Depth Investigation: Sage Sagittarius Deaths

Published Jun 5, 2015 8:06 AM by Wendy Laursen

An Australian inquest into the deaths of two seafarers on Sage Sagittarius, the “death ship,” is underway.

Australian TV program 4 Corners pieces together the fateful voyage, charting the growing fear and suspicion amongst the crew as one, then another, then another, die in mysterious circumstances.

The inquest is examining the death of Cesar Llanto, 42, one of three men from the Sage Sagittarius to die in a six weeks between August and October 2012. Llanto disappeared overboard as the vessel approached Australian waters northeast of Cairns.

The scope of the inquest also includes the death of chief engineer Hector Collado, 57, who died as a result of an 11-meter (36 foot) fall on board the bulk carrier. The third death, that of Japanese superintendent Kosaku Monji, who was crushed to death on a conveyor belt, is beyond the scope of the enquiry as it occurred when the ship was docked in Japan.