Harvey Gulf Doubles Down on Battery-Hybrid Propulsion

harvey gulf psvs
The dual-fuel LNG PSV Harvey Energy, recently refitted with a battery-hybrid system (Harvey Gulf)

Published Sep 25, 2020 7:18 PM by The Maritime Executive

Offshore vessel operator Harvey Gulf announced Thursday that it plans to install 10 more hybrid-electric battery systems aboard eight vessels, including four dual-fuel LNG-powered platform support vessels. 

The vessels covered by the plan include these four LNG-powered PSVs; one MPSV, which will receive two battery systems; and three non-LNG PSVs, including one that will receive two battery systems. 

“Now that we have successfully completed sea-trials of the Harvey Energy, America’s first 'Tri Fueled' vessel utilizing three fuel sources - diesel, LNG, and electric battery power . . . my team and I have made the decision to purchase 10 additional battery systems to be installed on our largest PSVs and one of our newest MPSVs," said Shane Guidry, the CEO of Harvey Gulf and LNG bunkering provider QLNG. “I was able to hear the calling from my clients and investors as to what their future wants and needs would be. So, I put my team together, and we reacted . . . This fleet of vessels will be crucial in assisting our clients’ efforts to achieve net carbon zero, and we will continue to listen to them and invest in technology that will assist with their goals."

Guidry signaled that there are more environmental initiatives in the works at Harvey Gulf. "I have new ideas on the drawing board," he hinted in a statement. 

Harvey Gulf is also investing in its conventional fuel capabilities. It has a new two-million-gallon bunkering facility located in Port Fourchon, and it is converting its 300-foot PSV Harvey Hawk for fuel and water deliveries. After conversion, Harvey Hawk will be equipped to carry up to 800,000 barrels of fuel to offshore locations.