Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Arctic, Coast Guard Rescues Passengers

Published Jan 17, 2011 2:19 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Friday, August 27th the MV Clipper Adventurer, an ice capable expedition cruise ship operating voyages to both polar regions ran aground on an uncharted rock at 67 58 N 112 40 W . Operator, Adventure Canada says the rock was not on charts used by its officers.

Adventure Canada, who charters the vessel released the following statement today:

    "At the time the seas were calm, sunny conditions and good visibility with no wind or swell. Efforts of the vessel's crew to dislodge the vessel during high tide on August 28th were unsuccessful.

    The vessel now rests with a slight list. Conditions are stabilized. All passengers and crew are safe and unharmed. Weather remained favorable the passengers continued to enjoy onboard programming and hospitality - some even taking the opportunity to enjoy some sun on deck.

    Canadian authorities were notified and the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Amundsen arrived at the site last night to assist in disembarking the passengers from the ship. The passengers are understandably tired but remain in good spirits.

    Flight arrangements have been made to ensure passengers return to Edmonton for the early afternoon today, August 30."

None of the 128 vacationers or 69 crewmembers were injured. The 331-foot Clipper Adventurer went through a $13 million refit in 1998 and has a reinforced hull to withstand the icy waters. The vessel was en-route from Port Epworth to Kugluktuk NU at the time of the incident.

International Shipping Partners own the vessel and will assess the situation and determine whether or not to move the crew off the ship.

Photo Courtesy of the Canadian Coast Guard