Copenhagen Shipping Exchange Launches Free Shipping Directory

On August 1, 2010 the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange launched their free Shipping Directory.

“It was natural for us to build a shipping directory because we already receive the information about the ship owners when they send us their open positions. And more and more brokers send us their cargo quotes,” says CEO and co-founder Stefan Avivson.

Today ship owners and charterers receive up to 5,000 emails daily with relevant information that they need to assess in order to make the best possible deals in the market.

As featured in the latest edition of the Maritime Executive, the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange has set a goal to launch a free open positions database service by November 1, 2010 to let ship owners and charterers speed up their working routines.

“Our system simply automates the browsing of emails and organizes the relevant information from the emails” elaborates Jonas Bruhn the other co-founder of the Shipping Exchange. “If you are a Cargo Broker and want a full and instant overview of the relevant vessel’s positions in the market in regards to where, when and how the cargo should be handled, then you simply use the free service from the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange. We are going out of our way to ensure that the service is easy to use and, more importantly, fast.”

Shipping Directory already exceeds 10,000 listings

Using information from the received emails of ship owners and charterers, the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange built the first entries of the Shipping Directory - but soon the vision of a free shipping directory became a milestone in itself. “Today, if you want to get information about a shipping company or a maritime related company, you must in many cases pay to get access to that information. I personally see this as a very strange way of doing business given the possibilities we have with the Internet” tells CEO Stefan Avivson and states “All maritime company information should be free on the Internet – just like for other industries, and this is what we are doing for the maritime industry at this point”.

The Copenhagen Shipping Exchange built a team of online specialists who browse the internet for relevant company information daily. A corner milestone of 10,000 listings has been reached. “I am proud of our team’s efforts; they continuously update the directory and improve it,” Stefan Avivson swiftly replies to how the directory can be free. “We know that companies in the maritime industry need to brand and market themselves towards their potential clients. Therefore, it is possible to create a top listing for professional companies to achieve ‘first in sight’ towards their clients. As it is fairly cheap to maintain the directory, our prices are not sky-high as you experience in general with other marketing possibilities in the industry.” Stefan Avivson concludes that “Copenhagen Shipping will deliver real value towards the industry and the shipping directory is one way of many to do this” - promising that even more value-adding services are in the pipeline in the near future.

Copenhagen Shipping Exchange offers three different types of listings in the directory: a free listing, a verified listing, and a CPHSE Premium listing.
Copenhagen Shipping Exchange has created the verified listing and the CPHSE Premium listing as two main marketing products in the directory for companies who wish to market themselves towards the maritime industry:

    1) With the “CPHSE Verified listing” the company details are revised and verified by the support team, ensuring that all information in the listing is correct and updated. An extra advantage is that verified listings are listed before the free listings in the shipping directory. A verified listing can be purchased for the price of $199. Maritime Executive users can get the verification for just $99.

    2) The “CPHSE Premium Listing” is a top 3 listing above the verified and free listings. With the Premium listing the company also has the opportunity to upload their own logo among several other features. The Premium listing charge is $399 but for Maritime Executive users, the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange offers a first year price of just $159.

Explore the shipping directory by clicking here.

Feel free to contact the CPHSE Support Team. They are standing by to answer.
Copenhagen Shipping Exchange can be contacted at support@copenhagenshippingexchange.com