Coast Guard Aims to Protect Ship from Port Occupy Movements

Published Jan 13, 2012 11:28 AM by The Maritime Executive

The Occupy movement and local harbor groups are planning to welcome the first vessel coming to the EGT grain terminal at the Port of Longview with a huge protest. It will be arriving this month and the U.S. Coast Guard will be escorting the vessel due to protesting concerns.

No arrival date for the ship has been set yet. The cargo freighter will transport thousands of tons of grain to Asia. Opposition groups are also openly supporting the extreme protest by union dock workers at the grain terminal.

The labor council has no plans in attempting to stop the ship. But the Occupy movement has a more drastic stance. They are calling for all members nationwide to rally outside the gates at the Port of Longview and ruin any efforts in loading the ship.

This same group has been successful in shutting down numerous ports along the coast, including Longview in early December.