Amarcon Sees Increase in Demand for Hydrodynamic Analysis Software

By The Maritime Executive 2012-02-17 15:00:17

This year Amarcon noticed an increase in orders for her hydrodynamic analysis software: OCTOPUS-Office. In the last few months major companies within the maritime industry like Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC), Mammoet and RWE Innogy placed an order for the software. Newcomer within the industry Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH and maritime consultants like Royal Roos and Temporary Works Design also signed a purchase order for OCTOPUS-Office.

OCTOPUS-Office 6 is a hydrodynamic analysis program for the calculation of seakeeping characteristics of ships and other floating structures, with or without forward speed. OCTOPUS-Office 6 has an intuitive user interface, which provides the best technical solution for evaluation and interpretation of hydrodynamic calculations. Using the 2D or 3D ship hydrodynamics, OCTOPUS-Office 6 calculates site or voyage dependent response statistics within a few mouse clicks. The advanced graphical user interface immediately provides detailed output of the calculated results. Long term and short term response statistics can be created and are presented in an easy to understand display. The program also enables the possibility to define a voyage and corresponding expected responses that will occur during the actual voyage. This greatly enhances efficient and safe planning of offshore operations and voyages at sea. Later this year the DP Forecast functionality from OCTOPUS-Onboard shall also be implemented within OCTOPUS-Office. This way the DP Capability of vessels during offshore operations can be calculated and presented. 

Many maritime universities in the world also use OCTOPUS-Office in an educational setting. TU Delft (The Netherlands), University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Monohakobi Technology Insitute (Japan) and Jade-Hochschule (Germany) are a few of the universities that use OCTOPUS at their facilities. In this way, maritime students across the globe get familiar with state of the art technology with wide industry acceptance and practical relevance.