Rat-Filled Ghost Ship Haunts UK Coastline

Coast guard officials have not made any sightings of an abandoned cruise ship, infamously dubbed the ?rat-infested ghost ship.?

By MarEx 2014-01-23 13:37:00

Newly detected beacons off the vessel’s rescue boats indicate it is was recently off the west coast of Scotland, raising concerns it could run ashore there, along the west coast of Ireland or the southern tip of England.

The Russian-registered Lyubov Orlova was cut adrift while being towed from Canada almost a year ago amid difficulties having it scrapped.

Experts believe winter storms may have driven the ship towards Ireland, Scotland or England. However, no one has reported seeing the vessel since last year.

The ship had been due to be scrapped in the Dominican Republic, but ended up being set adrift.

In a statement, the Irish Coast Guard said: "There is no further action required by Ireland and there are no reports and sightings. Normal coastal surveillance activities are carried out which are aware of the issue of the vessel."

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency also received no reported sightings of the vessel since April last year, but is prepared to “respond accordingly.”

Salvors are reportedly interested in locating the dilapidated 300-foot ghost ship that can carry 110 passengers because it is estimated to be worth nearly $1 million. Are they prepared to deal with the inbred cannibal rats?