Pirates Are Back in Business

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) details October's pirate attacks thus far.

Published Oct 16, 2013 9:26 AM by The Maritime Executive

The IMB Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2013 reported at least 10 maritime piracy incidents this month so far - mianly off Indonesia. Read detailed narrations below:

15.10.2013: 2050 LT: Posn: 19:49 S – 034:50E, Berth No.5 Beira Port, Mozambique.
Three robbers armed with knives approached in a small wooden boat a berthed container ship. One of the robbers boarded the ship and was noticed. Alarm raised, crew mustered. The robber jumped overboard with some ship stores and escaped in their boat. Port authority was informed.

10.10.2013: 0530 LT: Posn: 02:16N – 104:48E, Off Pulau Aur, Malaysia.
A speed boat approached a product tanker underway and about nine pirates wearing masks and armed with guns boarded the vessel. The tanker was hijacked, all crew members taken hostage and all communication equipment destroyed. The pirates stole the ship’s cargo, cash, crew personal belongings and cash, portable communication equipment and disembarked on 15.10.2013. The Master managed to contact the owners and informed them of the incident. No injuries to crew.

12.10.2013: 2000 LT: Posn: 06:00.9S – 106:53.5E, Jakarta Tanker Anchorage, Indonesia.
Three robbers in a small boat approached and boarded an anchored chemical tanker. Alert duty crew noticed the robbers and shouted at them resulting in the robbers escaping empty handed in their boat.

11.10.2013: 0918 UTC: Posn: 04:56N – 052:28E, Around 237nm East of Hobyo, Somalia. Pirates in two skiffs approached a tanker underway. Master raised alarm, sounded ship’s whistle, increased speed and crew mustered. The on board armed security team took their position and fired warning rocket flares as the skiffs closed to a distance of 3nm and then 2nm. The skiffs ignored the warning flares and continued their approach. As one skiff closed to a distance of 400m and the armed team fired a warning shot. This was also ignored by the pirates who continued to approach. When a second warning shot was fired at a distance of 250meters the skiff stopped and returned fire with an automatic weapon. The armed team retaliated resulting in the skiffs aborting the attack and moving away.

10.10.2013: 0315 LT: Posn: 00:15.3N - 117:41.3E, Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia. Five robbers armed with long knives boarded a bulk carrier at anchor. One crew was held hostage while they broke into a storage and took some ship’s stores. OOW alerted, alarm raised and crew proceeded towards forecastle. On seeing alert crew, the robbers jumped overboard and escaped. No injuries to crew.

07.10.2013: 0342 LT: Karimun Transhipment Anchorage, Indonesia.
A product tanker was boarded while performing a STS operation by four robbers armed with knives while one remained in a boat. A different group of robbers were discovered on board the other STS tanker and alarm was raised. The robbers were spotted by the crew and escaped without taking anything.

06.10.2013: 0242 LT: Nipah Anchorage, Indonesia.
Duty crew on board an anchored tanker, preparing for STS operations, noticed some suspicious boats near aft of the vessel. As he approached closer he found portable ladders rigged along the ship side and some robbers attempting to board. He immediately alerted the OOW, raised the alarm and all crew proceeded towards the poop deck. On seeing the alert crew the robbers aborted their attempt to board and moved away. All other vessels nearby were alerted.

07.10.2013: 0345 LT: Posn: 01:05N – 103:28E, Karimun Transhipment Anchorage, Indonesia.
Five robbers boarded an anchored tanker during STS operations via the poop deck and were noticed attempting to enter the accommodation. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Upon hearing the alarm, the robbers made threatening gestures to the crew, jumped overboard and escaped in their unlit boat with an orange superstructure. The mooring master and the other STS vessel was informed. Detailed search on both vessels indicated that the robbers have boarded both vessels. Port control informed.

06.10.2013: 0410 LT: Posn: 01:08N – 103:35E, Nipah Anchorage, Indonesia.
Six robbers in black attire were seen on board an anchored tanker trying to find a way into the accommodation. Alert D/O raised the alarm and sounded ship’s whistle. On hearing the alarm, the robbers jumped overboard and escaped in their wooden boat with an orange canopy. Vessels in the vicinity alerted via VHF. Crew mustered, head count taken and a search carried out.

05.10.2013: 0048 LT: Posn: 00:06S - 117:32E, Santan Anchorage, Indonesia.
Four robbers armed with long knives boarded an anchored tanker awaiting cargo operations. Duty crew noticed movements at the forecastle, informed bridge and proceeded towards the forecastle to investigate. Duty officer raised the alarm and crew mustered. Upon reaching the forecastle the robbers threatened the crew with long knives and escaped and the crew were able to retrieve some of the stores which the robbers were trying to steal. Port authorities informed but no respond received. The incident was reported to the local police via ship’s agent.

Advice to Masters

Always Follow

1. Company and ship specific procedures.

2. Advice in IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1334 (23 June 2009)

3. Procedures given in BMP4 while transiting high risk areas of Somali piracy.  

Always report All incidents of piracy and armed robbery (actual, attempted or suspicious) occuring anywhere in the world to the 24 hour manned IMB PRC. This first step is crucial in the response procedures as well as promulgating the threat to ALL vessels in the ocean regions.

Contact details of IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC)

Tel: +60 3 2078 5763 / +60 3 2031 0287 / + 60 3 2031 3106
24 Hrs ANTI PIRACY HELPLINE: +60 3 2031 0014 (Manned 24 Hrs everyday)