Tanker Operator Changes Safety Procedures after Death of Crew

By The Maritime Executive 12-18-2012 02:30:00

FR8 Venture was hit by huge waves killing two crewmembers working on deck in 2006.

A report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) concerning the 2006 death of two sailors around Pentland Firth claims the ship’s master should have never left the safe harbor of Scapa Flow and should have delayed the sailing.

Ravindra Shrirang Bagal, 31, and Harjivan Bhikhabhal Kharva, 39, had been working on the deck of the tanker when they were hit by massive waves. The UK Coast Guard said the weather conditions were ‘horrendous’ and there were strong winds, heavy seas and huge swells. The two men were hit by massive waves and died of their injuries. A third crewmember was airlifted to the hospital where he eventually recovered.

The investigation identified safety issues, which included: The two large waves that came over the bow were not under any circumstances considered normal and waves this size should have been expected in the prevailing weather conditions. The master should have delayed the sailing.

Leaving the shelter of Scapa Flow before the foredecks were secured was the duty of the master. The crew should have been clear of the foredeck of the ship because there was little margin for error. The company should have had effective safety measures in place with an effective plan of action.

FR8 Shipmanagement PTE of Singapore reviewed all recommendations and has now set policy for all its ships. Navig8 Ship Management Pte, Ltd. is a shipping company. It controls a fleet of product tankers primarily for the oil products sector. The company trades a time-charter fleet; owns and invests in tonnage; manages vessels for third parties and for its own account; and acts as a cargo broker for oil traders; and trades in the freight derivatives market. Its products and services include ship owning, ship chartering, commercial management, technical management, cargo chartering, and risk management.

The company was founded in 2003 as FR8 Shipmanagment Pte, Ltd. and later changed its name to Navig8 Ship Management Pte, Ltd. in 2007. The company is based in Singapore, Singapore. It has offices in London and Mumbai, as well as in Singapore and the United States.