IN THE KNOW Podcast 37: Advancing Digitalization for Fleet Management

my digital fleet
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Published Mar 17, 2022 1:51 PM by The Maritime Executive

Shipowners can increase efficiency and improve operations by switching to advanced digital solutions, according to ABS, saving staff time and boosting the bottom line. 

ABS has two products to assist shipping along on its digital journey: ABS Nautical Systems, a crew- and staff-facing system for managing recordkeeping, procurement, inventory and other operational tasks; and ABS My Digital Fleet, a data analytics platform that tracks vessel performance over time and allows comparison between ships. 

My Digital Fleet collects up fleetwide data in one place, and it uses AI-driven tools to extract insights into fleet health and performance. This includes monitoring each vessel's progress towards decarbonization goals, taking the guesswork out of CO2 reduction. Its suite of programs can also help optimize vessel route planning to reduce fuel consumption. 

To learn more about the real-world benefits of these tools, and how shipowners can test them and roll them out over time, we spoke with Evan Gooch of ABS Group and Smarty Mathew John of ABS. For the details, listen in on our conversation below. 

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