Good Maritime Enterprises Run Risks With Machining . . . Great Maritime Enterprises Manage Them With VTI

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By MarEx 2018-01-08 03:35:57


We're not your grandfather's machine shop at Valley Tool, Inc. As a new generation of American machinists, VTI’s 20 years of experience in custom tooling, machining and parts specialty jobbing spans multiple national and global industry sectors, from aerospace, aviation and medical to automotive, firearms and oil and gas. This uniquely positions us to appreciate the rigorous demands of metalworking for sea and saltwater environments, and it gives us the skill and expertise to meet the highest standards of shipyards, fleet owners and other maritime enterprises on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts and beyond.

We Bring Our “A” Game Every Day

VTI’s work force of 150 engineers, mechanics, skilled machinists and support staff thrives on the challenges of machining for today and tomorrow, and they go the distance to meet every test. Valley Tool’s full range of skill sets includes all the standard machine shop operations and a working familiarity with a broad array of metals and composites for precision manufacturing to .0002 inches (5 microns).

Our Rapid Response Approach to Machining and Jobbing

Whether we’re tasked with redesigning and manufacturing a defective part for a new car model or reverse engineering a broken, obsolete part that has brought a facility's production to a halt, VTI understands the importance of timely, expert action in critical situations. Our “Rapid Response” approach includes immediate follow up and consultation and the satisfaction of knowing that we will do whatever is necessary, including the acceleration of design and production schedules, to get the job done.

Why Bring An Outside, Domestic Machine Shop Into Your Production and Manufacturing and Maintenance Mix?

Even for maritime enterprises with in-house machining capabilities or off-shored expertise, it makes good sense to have VTI in the production and manufacturing mix in a world where the unexpected can and does occur at any moment. Offshore machining support can be subject to different holiday observances and planned shutdowns that translate into delays and the loss of production.

We’re Proud To Be A Mississippi Company

Valley Tool Inc. is proud to be headquartered in Water Valley, Mississippi, in close proximity to our neighbors on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Our homegrown, small town staff of passionate employees sets us apart as a company singled out in 2009 by American Machinist magazine as one of the top ten machine shops in the nation.

How Can VTI Save You Time and Money Through Risk Management That Anticipates Your Next ‘SOS’ Call Before It Happens?

At VTI, free consultation and reliable cost estimates are available to you and your production team at any time. 

For customer support or questions about a job estimate, contact Production Manager Benji Link at 662-473-3066 Ext. 15 or at blink@valleytoolinc.com.

For questions about CNC turning, contact Production Machining Supervisor Chris Russell at 662-473-3066 Ext. 25 or at crussell@valleytoolinc.com

For CNC milling inquiries, contact Products Machining Supervisor Les Gilley at 662-473-3066 Ext. 17 or at lgilley@valleytoolinc.com.

For questions about standard and custom manufacturing and overall customer support, contact Shop Foreman Lee Jackson at 662-473-3066 Ext.16 or at ljackson@valleytoolinc.com.

Or contact CEO Cayce Washington at 662-473-3066 Ext. 12 or at cwashington@valleytoolinc.com.

VTI’s Maritime Task Force is ready to assist you. For more information, please visit http://www.valleytoolinc.com.


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