Wattentaxi Equipped with COBRA Battery System from Becker Marine Systems


By The Maritime Executive 02-22-2018 04:56:00

Innovative ideas for the Wadden Sea - with the new Wattentaxi, locals and visitors to the region have recently been able to make their individual travel arrangements for the first time. The modern ship operated by Watten Fährlinien GmbH impresses with its high level of environmental friendliness, to which the COBRA maritime battery system from ship supplier Becker Marine Systems makes a significant contribution.

Improving environmental protection has been an important issue in the shipping industry for many years. Particularly in highly sensitive areas such as the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site it is important for new providers to convince with state-of-the-art propulsion concepts. This is why Becker Marine Systems is supporting Watten Fährlinien GmbH, which recently put their LIINSAND Wattentaxi into operation.

“The goal of clean ship operation is achieved by using state-of-the-art, emission-cleaned diesel engines, a newly developed hybrid transmission and high-performance batteries for low-emission use of the Wattentaxi," says Dirk Lehmann, shareholder of Watten Fährlinien GmbH and Managing Director of Becker Marine Systems, which developed the COBRA Compact Battery Rack maritime battery system. The Wattentaxi thus currently exceeds all current and planned environmental regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Becker Marine Systems produces the COBRA battery system, which is based on efficient lithiumion cells and specially designed for maritime requirements, at its new production facilities in Winsen an der Luhe, located near the Hamburg headquarters of the world market leader for high-performance rudders and energy-saving solutions in the field of maneuvering technology. Battery production can also include the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). 

“COBRA impresses by its lightness and compactness," says Lehmann. "Compared to conventional battery suppliers we are the leader in terms of the weight and space requirements.” 

Becker Marine Systems is well positioned for the expansion of the new business division with many other projects: "In future, we will be able to cover the complete range from double-digit KWs up to a MW."

The new Wattentaxi uses two redundant, hybrid diesel propulsion systems with two propellers, two Becker rudders and two battery systems of 50 kilowatt hours each. "The prototype for the use of our new COBRA product shows that ships at port can be operated emission-free," says Lehmann. And on the tours between twelve possible ports that can be booked individually, the volume of emissions generated during the trip are indicated on board.

The 18.70 m long and 7.20 m wide LIINSAND is a catamaran that carries up to 50 passengers through the Wadden Sea at a maximum speed of 16 knots. With a draught of only 1.35 m, the Wattentaxi is virtually independent of the tide. The tours, which are particularly interesting for groups, can be booked via the www.wattentaxi.de website, where the tours already planned including any available seats, the current position and availability of the LIINSAND can also be viewed on a tour calendar.

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