Ultimate Boats Delivers Fully Recyclable Boat to Police Scotland


Published Jun 20, 2022 4:41 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: ExoTechnologies]

ExoTechnologies, the market leading maritime green technologies start-up, is launching the world’s first fully recyclable, high-performance workboat range.

ExoTechnologies said its first commercial vessel is being delivered to Police Scotland, built from its fully recyclable DANUTM composite material technology. ExoTechnologies says DANUTM  is the most resource-efficient composite material on the planet. The Police Scotland boat has a top speed of 50 knots and operating range of 400 nautical miles.

The Police Scotland deal represents the culmination of a £7million investment in research and development by ExoTechnologies. The boat is the first of a new range being built at Ultimate Boats, the Glasgow boatyard owned by ExoTechnologies. The company says it plans to create 300 jobs at the yard within five years.

ExoTechnologies CEO, Shane Mugan said: “We are proud that this pioneering and internationally significant project is being delivered in Scotland, by our talented Clyde-based workforce, in partnership with Police Scotland.

“To witness the world’s first ever fully recyclable boat, in action, made from our fully recyclable DANUTM composite material technology is incredibly rewarding after years of research and development.

“Police Scotland’s boat marks a significant breakthrough in transforming boat building, as our fully recyclable DANUTM composite material technology of superior mechanical strength has replaced fibreglass entirely, currently the most common form of boat building substance.

“DANUTM has the potential to tackle the ecological timebomb which sees 250 million kilos of fibreglass and thousands of boats dumped into landfill across Europe each year.

Mike Golding OBE, one of the world’s most accomplished and successful offshore sailors and chairman of World Sailing Sustainability Commission 2030 said: “Since its broad introduction in the 1950s, fibreglass and composite materials have totally transformed the sport of sailing. Today, as we move into an ‘age of sustainability’ it is crucial that all future boat construction adapts and becomes fully circular. Encouragingly, I have seen many hybrid composite solutions developed but DANUTM is quite possibly the most complete – offering, at end of life, the potential to reuse both the fibres and resin whilst performing better than comparable construction systems.”

Jeroen Wats, ExoTechnologies Chief Innovation Officer and ocean yacht racing veteran said: “the high-performance boat being delivered to Police Scotland also features our advanced ExoHullTM technology designed and developed by Ultimate Boats internationally renowned chief designer, John Moxham.

“What John has done is to reimagine planing hull technology and hydrodynamic performance using principles that were first conceived during the development of the XB-70 Valkyrie supersonic bomber.  This enhances performance across all of our commercial workboat and tactical range producing intuitive handling, seakeeping capabilities, directional stability and comfort. It has been really amazing to work with Police Scotland and see them benefit from this revolutionary technology.”


ExoTechnologies approached Police Scotland in July 2020 with an opportunity to co-design a purpose-built boat which would be offered on a research and development loan for operational use. It will be loaned to Police Scotland for a three-year period with an agreement in place which covers the cost of insurance, maintenance and servicing.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams, lead for Operational Support, said: “This unique opportunity should allow us to benefit from a high performing asset that will make a positive difference to our capability.

“We have a duty to explore new projects that look to improve the working environment for our officers and staff, as well as the response we can provide to the public. We have been working closely with Ultimate Boats and will continue to provide feedback as the officers look forward to using this asset operationally (see notes to editors 4).”

Mr Mugan said the Police Scotland deal is only the beginning for ExoTechnologies as it seeks to grow globally.

“This project demonstrates an example of a green transition pathway within the maritime industry,” he said.

“Ultimate Boats’ full high-performance workboat range includes a 13M crew transfer vessel, 11.5M multi-mission workboat and 7.5M support workboat which have already attracted significant interest from commercial operators and military.

“We are preparing to engage with potential investors and strategic partners to scale our company to realise the potential of our market leading technologies capable of accelerating the green transition to a circular economy across all industries and markets.”

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