New U.K. Share Fishermen Briefing Note Published

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By The Maritime Executive 05-12-2019 08:27:54

The U.K.-based charity Human Rights at Sea, alongside the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) and The Fishermen’s Mission, has published a new briefing note covering the topic of U.K. Share Fishermen in respect of the ILO 188 Work in Fishing Convention 2007 to provide clarity and a new baseline reference publication in support of new U.K. legislation reflecting the application of ILO 188.

ILO 188 is an international minimum standard regulating living and working conditions on board fishing vessels. It is based on a tripartite agreement reflecting the needs of the fishing industry, and came into force internationally on November 16, 2017.

The new Briefing Note provides a plain-English explanation of the status of share fishermen, and it intends to help those in the U.K. fisheries supply chain better understand the basis upon which share fishermen are engaged, the activities they undertake, and the rights and responsibilities they have.

Robert Greenwood, Safety and Training Officer, NFFO, commented that: “The right to be a share fisherman is an important part of the U.K. fishing industry and is a historic privilege enjoyed by both fisherman and vessel owners equally. The introduction of ILO C188 Work in Fishing Convention and its implementation into U.K. law, includes both employed and share fishermen, and this independent briefing note by Human Rights at Sea clarifies that the rights of a share fishermen should be unaffected by the Work in Fishing Convention changes.”

Commodore David Dickens, Chief Executive of The Fishermen’s Mission, said: “This timely briefing brings much needed clarity to assessments of the rights of share catch fisherman in light of the Work in Fishing Convention legislation. It also allows individual fishermen and the industry to see clearly the overall welfare balance of choosing to work as a share catch fisherman.”

Founder and Trustee of Human Rights at Sea, David, Hammond reflected: “We are pleased to deliver this publication which has been produced with support from the industry, The Fishermen’s Mission and the NFFO to provide a useful reference tool and explanatory document in order to assist with understanding U.K. fisheries working conditions under ILO 188.”

The Briefing Note is available here.

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