MAID Extends its Autonomous Docking and Positioning Patent in S. Korea


Published Feb 16, 2022 2:18 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: MAID]

Australian company, MAID (Marine Autonomous Intelligent Docking) Systems has just secured patent rights for its uniquely innovative marine autonomous docking and positioning system in South Korea. 

The Korean Intellectual Property Office has recently issued Notice of Allowance of its decision to grant pending MAID patent application 10-2018-7030418. This follows key patents awarded to MAID in Japan, Singapore and the United States during 2021 that similarly protects MAID IP for systems and methods that enable autonomous docking and positioning of marine vessels.
This new allowance is significant for MAID given that South Korea is one of the world’s major shipbuilding nations and its shipbuilding industry is at the forefront of development and deployment of autonomous control technologies. These technologies reduce marine docking accidents, enhance safety and increase the operational efficiency of maritime operations while assisting to reduce carbon emissions.

“The key challenges for any autonomous docking solution are the constant variability of sea and wind states combined with the inherent operational limitations of GPS, and the MAID IP was created specifically to solve these problems” said Brad Tyers, CEO of MAID Systems.  “Over the last decade, MAID has developed, proven and extensively patented a unique solution that applies a single innovative method to overcome all external variables that affect the vessel's motion without the need to measure these variables.” 

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