Live Freight Rate Visibility Across Your Routes and Maturities


Published Jul 7, 2024 1:15 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: AXSMarine]

AXSMarine, a pioneer and market leader in the provision of advanced solutions and market intelligence for shipping professionals, is expanding its portfolio by launching a new tool for its AXSDry platform.

The new Live Matrix freight calculation automates users’ workflows providing visibility over hundreds of spot and forward freight rates on a single screen.

AXSMarine's Live Matrix is providing instant freight rate visibility to shipbrokers, commodity traders, shipowners, charterers and other professionals in the Dry Bulk industry. Understanding market trends is essential to benchmark vessels and cargoes, ultimately facilitating best-decision-making.

The latest addition to AXSMarine's tool suite leverages the company's decades of proprietary data on vessel speed and consumption, along with multiple spot and futures prices plus live intraday FFAs powered by the Baltic Exchange, Braemar Securities, and Bunker Ex.

AXSMarine Live Freight Matrix algorithms are aligned with the AXSMarine Smart Calculator, accounting for CO2 costs. "Providing our users with voyage calculation tools is something we've been doing for decades now," said Jacques Goudchaux, CEO of AXSMarine. "Our latest Live Matrix tool provides an unprecedented streamlining of benchmarking for the Dry Bulk market."

"Live Matrix generates and automatically updates hundreds of individual calculations in a single screen. Its users are able to quickly benchmark multiple vessels across multiple routes using the latest spot and FFA Baltic Exchange Indices, live intraday FFA, live and futures’ bunker prices. This solution based on a transparent methodology provides an instant comparison of spot freight rates with past settlements, as well as forward prices for next three quarters."

You can gain more information about AXSMarine's Live Matrix right here.

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