FUELTRAX Celebrates Successful Trial of FUELTRAX Vision with Fymak


Published Apr 8, 2019 7:20 PM by The Maritime Executive

Fymak Marine & Oil Services Nigeria Limited, one of the leading oil service support providers in Nigerian waters, currently operates five Fast Support Vessels (FSVs) with FUELTRAX on board. FUELTRAX Vision was installed as an expansion to an existing FUELTRAX system for Fymak in October 2018.

The successful six-month trial of FUELTRAX Vision proves the robustness of the new system hardware and reliability of surveillance data collection for vessel owners. FUELTRAX is a smart, self-contained, marine fuel management solution, which protects assets and ensures security of fuel, compliance, and optimized vessel performance.

The launch of its FUELTRAX Vision system is the latest expansion of remote monitoring and reporting technology by FUELTRAX. All surveillance data collected by FUELTRAX is coupled with existing fuel monitoring and location data, to deliver a complete picture of vessel operations and activities. Four to six IP68 marine environment cameras provide a 360-degree coverage of vessel perimeter. Remote review of camera images are available on the FUELNET web portal, with high-quality footage securely stored on board.

Chief Executive Officer, Obinna Nwakwesi, Fymak Marine & Oil Services Nigeria Limited, said:

“On behalf of all of us at Fymak, I congratulate FUELTRAX on the successful trial of FUELTRAX Vision. This is another enhancement to their already robust fuel management system, which provides enormous benefits to vessel owners and our contract partners.”

Fymak was also the first company to trial the new FUELTRAX DC-powered system, which was recently switched from AC power; and the first to operate the new built-in air eliminator by FUELTRAX, a closed-loop and environmentally friendly separator, which preconditions the process flow to produce error-free, precise fuel measurement.

FUELTRAX founder and CEO, Anthony George, says the combination of ‘firsts’ with FUELTRAX means Fymak leads the way in offshore marine services in Nigeria:

“We are delighted to present Fymak with the first trial of the FUELTRAX Vision system in Nigeria and continue the legacy of FUELTRAX firsts with Fymak. FUELTRAX VISION is the first system to combine fuel monitoring data with live surveillance monitoring, bringing greater reporting transparency and security to your vessel operations.”

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