Are You Tracking Divers by Chasing Bubbles?

Published Dec 8, 2014 1:54 PM by The Maritime Executive

Diver6 is a diver tracking and management system that takes diving safety to a new level. Based on acoustic underwater communication technology, Diver6 tracks multiple divers at ranges up to 1,000 meters and depths of 100 meters.

“We have had some great success with the system,” says systems engineer Joshua Swiger. “The Long Beach, California port police have been on the forefront, being beta tester for about a year. It has truly improved how they do business in the Port of Long Beach with ship inspections. This is just one example of how this system benefits the maritime community.”

Diver equipment includes an acoustic tracking modem with air sensor capability coming soon. Topside equipment includes: a Directional Acoustic Transducer (DAT), battery, cables, and ruggedized tablet computer.

The Diver6 Software enables easy creation of dive plans, diver profiles, diver history, and alarm settings. The user interface design is based on input from a broad range of real-world subject matter experts including US Navy SEALS, US Navy EOD, US Navy Salvage Divers, Coast Guard, public safety, and commercial divers.

The Diver6 Software is a platform agnostic suite specially developed to provide people above the surface with multiple views of the divers in the water. With the Diver6 Software, information such as a diver’s depth and location are now available topside like never before. 

Users can easily create a dive plan that assists with the monitoring and management of diving operations. If a monitored diver departs from the established dive plan parameters such as depth, alarms activate topside on the tablet computer. All monitored aspects of the dive are recorded and can be quickly accessed for analysis and personnel dive records. Dive tables and logs are also available for reference. Real-time diver air pressure monitoring will be added soon as an easy plug-and-play system update.

Diver6 helps protect divers by providing up-to-date information on the position of divers in the water. This revolutionary diver positioning provides topside supervisors the information to accurately manage dive operation and enhance diver safety, says Swiger.

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