AME Premiered Live Demo, New Products at 2013 International WorkBoat Show

By MarEx 2013-10-17 11:40:00

There’s only one place where the who’s who of the workboat commercial marine industry was last  week – the 2013 International Workboat Show (IWBS). Advanced Mechanical Enterprises (AME) showcased for the 5th year in an expanded display.

“We look forward to IWBS every year,” said AME President, Rich Merhige. “When it comes to the commercial workboat industry, this is the main show.  This is a great time for us to bring new technology and products to this segment of our market.”

As an internationally sought leader in vibration, noise and alignment, AME debuted one of their newest services, flatness and straightness measurements for shipbuilding using the state-of-the-art Levalign® Expert spinning laser system. AME also showcased an array of products, including Wartsila seals and bearings, for which they have been named authorized distributor for the state of Florida. Windrock online monitoring and diagnostic products were displayed using a custom built working product demo of a main engine cylinder. “For years, we’ve confidently used Windrock’s fine products,” said AME President, Rich Merhige. “This equipment is a perfect complement to the services we offer.”

Windrock, Inc., a leading manufacturer of monitoring and diagnostic equipment for reciprocating machinery in the natural gas, oil, petrochemical, marine and power generation industries. Founded in 1989, Windrock designs, manufactures and markets portable analyzers and online monitoring systems to markets with large reciprocating engines and compressors. The company also provides on-site and remote analysis services, emission testing services, training services and extended service contracts.  According to Ed Kelleher, Manager of International sales, "the Windrock product line is well suited for marine operators who have or would like to implement a Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) program to reduce overall engine operating costs.  With over 2000 portable units in use around the world the technology is well proven and cost effective".

Windrock 6320 Diesel Analyzer portable analyzers  and the On-Guard Online systems collect and process a variety of information on Marine Diesel Engines (Main Propulsion or Auxiliary Engines), such as dynamic engine cylinder pressures for assessing the IMEP and IHP output of each cylinder as well as the performance of fuel injectors.  The "phased" vibration, "phased" ultrasonic data are utilized to assess the mechanical condition of cylinder component level items such as valves, rings, liners, injectors and bearings.  This information can be utilized pre-maintenance, post maintenance or as part of an overall CBM program.  This technology has been widely used by the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Canadian Navy and many US and International Nuclear Plants on emergency diesel generator sets.   Windrock has been a dominant supplier of portable analyzers, as well as an innovator in the development of online monitoring systems for reciprocating engines. Windrock, Inc. is part of Cook Compression in the Energy Sector of Dover Corporation.

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