Video: Survivor Rescued From Air Pocket in Capsized Fishing Vessel


Published Oct 18, 2020 2:57 PM by The Maritime Executive

Last week, Turkish rescue divers saved a crewmember of a fishing vessel who was trapped in an air pocket when the boat capsized off Samatya, Istanbul. 

Istanbul's local government reported that the fishing vessel Kumsal-55 capsized about one mile off Samatya Beach, Istanbul at about 0430 hours on October 10. According to a survivor, Abdullah Çelik, the fishing boat flipped while attempting to hoist a fully-laden net and its catch over the side. When it capsized, several of the 13 crewmembers were trapped underneath or inside. 11 were rescued, including Çelik, but two did not survive. 

The vessel's cook, Cemal Agabey, was belowdecks at the time of the casualty and was trapped in an air-filled compartment within the hull. After about four hours, rescue divers found him and helped him swim out to safety. 

"I congratulate our Coast Guard Command who saved Cemal Agabey and 10 fishermen with a breathtaking rescue operation on the fishing boat that capsized in the morning hours in Kumkapi," said Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya in a statement.