Video: Kongsberg Blasts New Stealth Cruise Missile At Navy Ship

Published Sep 28, 2011 12:30 PM by The Maritime Executive

Kongsberg Defense Systems, the military arm of renowned dynamic positioning system Norwegian heavy hitter, have recently conducted the first test exercise of newly developed stealth cruise anti-ship missiles called the “Naval Strike Missile.”

Kongsberg’s new technology is an impressive 880-lb long range precision strike missile designed to hunt down and track ships to hit specific targets.  The test, seen below, sent the missile booming just hovering the Pacific Ocean and then striking a target aboard a cargo ship container.  gCaptain reported that the Navy told them the testing was not designed to hit the ship’s infrastructure, and just the intended target, which the missile very clearly accomplished in testing.

The cruise missile can extend to a 100 nautical mile range and can be used coastally or on open sea.  Kongsberg says of the design that flying low above the sea avoids radar detection. gCaptian offered some specs on the naval strike missile: GPS-driven, ability for high-G-force maneuver, independent targeting through an imaging infrared seeker, and an on-board target database to name a few.

According to Wired, the high accuracy, GPS-guided weapon is hoped to be acquired one day by the Pentagon for the fleet of F-35 jets.  SmartPlanet disclosed that Royal Norwegian Navy plans to have them locked and loaded on their warships and patrol boats, as well as the Polish Navy eagerly waiting to add the missiles to their defense program. --MarEx